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Finland, June 2021, Mobile Network Experience

By Francesco Rizzato, June 2021

Telia is the winner of our Video Experience award with a score of 77.7 (on a scale of 0-100), while Elisa and DNA shared the second place with statistically tied scores of 76.4 and 76.3 points, respectively.

Report Page | No | Finland | | Francesco Rizzato

How to accelerate 3G switch-off to improve the Philippines mobile experience

By Sam Fenwick, June 2021

In this analysis, we explore the three reasons why many Filipino smartphone users have never connected to 4G. Addressing these would allow operators to switch-off their 3G networks earlier and reallocate the freed up spectrum to their 4G and 5G networks, which would improve the mobile experience.

Blog Entry | No | Philippines | | Sam Fenwick

Benchmarking the 5G Experience — Asia Pacific — June 2021

By Ian Fogg, June 2021

The 5G mobile experience continues to change as more smartphone users embrace 5G and operators expand their 5G networks. South Korea and Taiwan are vying for the leading 5G experience but there is lot of movement across the APAC region.

Blog Entry | Yes | Global, Australia, Hongkong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Southkorea, Taiwan, Thailand | | Ian Fogg

Romania, June 2021, Mobile Network Experience

By Sam Fenwick, June 2021

Vodafone ties with Orange on Upload Speed Experience. Our Vodafone users' Download Speed Experience has improved significantly, but Orange still wins the award outright.

Report Page | No | Romania | | Sam Fenwick

Bulgaria, June 2021, Mobile Network Experience

By Sam Fenwick, June 2021

Vivacom puts on an impressive burst of speed and forces a tie on Download Speed Experience.

Report Page | No | Bulgaria | | Sam Fenwick

Indian mobile experience has been remarkably resilient during the second COVID-19 wave despite increased demand for mobile data

By Hardik Khatri, June 2021

In Opensignal’s latest analysis, we see that despite rising mobile data consumption, the download speeds experienced by users have been maintained. By contrast, Opensignal measured the Indian users’ mobile network experience last year and found that as mobile data traffic increased, mobile speeds dropped, indicating a more resilient experience in 2021 than in 2020.

Blog Entry | No | India | | Hardik Khatri