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Indonesia, Desember 2019, Pengalaman Jaringan Seluler

By Hardik Khatri, Peter Boyland, December 2019

Dalam laporan ini, kami telah menganalisis pengalaman jaringan seluler untuk pengguna Indonesia selama 90 hari yang dimulai pada Agustus, untuk melihat bagaimana cara lima operator yaitu 3, Indosat, Smartfren, Telkomsel, dan XL dalam meningkatkan skornya. Selama penghargaan nasional tersebut, kami juga terjun lebih dalam ke 24 kota terbesar di Indonesia untuk melihat cara performa operator di lingkungan perkotaan.

Report Page | No | Indonesia | | Hardik Khatri, Peter Boyland

Indonesia, December 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Hardik Khatri, Peter Boyland, December 2019

In this report, we've analyzed the mobile network experience for our Indonesian users over the 90 days from the start of August, to see how the five operators – 3, Indosat, Smartfren, Telkomsel and XL – stack up. Alongside the national awards, we've also taken a deep dive into 24 of Indonesia's biggest cities to see how the operators perform in an urban environment.

Report Page | No | Indonesia | | Hardik Khatri, Peter Boyland

Smart users see superior 4G Availability and much faster download speeds in urban & rural areas

By David Nedescu, December 2019

While users on Smart scored just slightly higher than Globe for 4G Availability across rural and urban areas, the Download Speed Experience of our Filipino users is very polarized. Our rural users on Smart enjoyed a faster speed than Globe in all but three regions — Central Luzon, Central Visayas, and BARMM — where they tied.

Blog Entry | No | Philippines | | David Nedescu

Opensignal 2020 Predictions for USA and Canada

By Sue Marek, December 2019

 PredictionsIn the 2020 presidential election, users in Democrat states will have a better mobile experience than those in GOP statesSpectrum constraints will make it difficult for the U.S.

Blog Entry | No | Canada, USA | | Sue Marek
Brazil upload speeds by time of the day

Brazil: 4G Upload Speeds in the 12 largest cities vary significantly around the clock

By Hardik Khatri, December 2019

Today, 81% of Brazil’s population is actively engaged on social media spending approximately three and a half hours on social platforms every day. With this increasing popularity in social media usage, Brazillian users now engage in activities such as sharing media content, online gaming and video chatting more often than ever. In order to understand the true user experience while upstreaming, Opensignal analyzed 4G Upload Speeds in the 12 largest cities of Brazil and found that upload speeds vary depending on the time of day.

Blog Entry | No | Brazil | | Hardik Khatri

Only Callao and Lima Province beat Peru's averages in mobile experience

By David Nedescu, December 2019

Mobile experience is heavily influenced by whether a user can access 4G at any time. In Peru, 4G Availability is seen to vary by region, ranging from as little as 68.1 in Pasco, to as high as 88.2 in Callao.

Blog Entry | No | Peru | | David Nedescu