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IOH challenges Telkomsel’s dominance in rural areas and regions beyond Java

By Hardik Khatri, April 2024

In this analysis, Opensignal evaluates the changes in Indonesia’s mobile network experience landscape following the IOH (Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson) merger — across Urban, Suburban, and Rural areas — along with the year-on-year (YoY) changes across all networks.

Albania, April 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Opensignal, April 2024

Vodafone now wins Download Speed Experience and Consistent Quality outright. Additionally, One and Vodafone share the new Reliability Experience award.

Mobile network experience at Japan’s main airports surpasses the national average

By Robert Wyrzykowski, April 2024

In this Opensignal analysis we looked at the mobile experience of our users across 23 main airports in Japan. We compared their aggregated scores to the national results and also looked at how each of the four Japanese operators fares around the airports.

Mexico, April 2024, Fixed Broadband Experience

By Andrey Popov, April 2024

Totalplay leads Mexico's broadband market in four out of five reported metrics, but most impressively it is leading in Consistent Quality with a 76.6% score, with a significant 10-point lead over its nearest competitors.

Mobile networks in APAC were resilient during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concerts

By Sam Fenwick, April 2024

In this analysis, we show how well mobile networks withstood the surge in usage triggered by Taylor Swift's recent The Eras Tour concerts in Asia Pacific, additionally looking at the operator level performance in Singapore.