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Satellite services will help with no mobile signal areas in Germany

By Robert Wyrzykowski, December 2022

Opensignal has analyzed how much time our users spent with no signal across all 401 German districts. We observed that in several districts in southern Germany, our users spent more than 2% of the time with no signal — with a higher percentage of rural communities hitting this mark than the urban ones. 

Blog Entry | No | Germany | | Robert Wyrzykowski

In Italy, 5G Availability helps explain user behavior when switching operators

By Andrey Popov, December 2022

In Italy, users who switched mobile operators were able to find significantly better 5G network availability on their new operator, when leaving three out of the four operators. The story was different for users’ average 5G download speed – Leavers found speed deteriorated after switching from the two operators that are leading the market for 5G speeds.

Blog Entry | No | Italy | | Andrey Popov
Report 2022 | No | Sweden | | Rupert Bapty

Benchmarking the GCC 5G Experience — December 2022

By Andrey Popov, December 2022

Opensignal continues to track the progress of 5G networks using experience data collected from our users across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Across the Gulf ongoing 5G development is boosting the mobile experience, but with significant differences between the individual markets. 

Blog Entry | No | Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudiarabia, UAE | | Andrey Popov

5G in Indonesia is far superior to Wifi, and 4G

By Hardik Khatri, December 2022

Opensignal's latest analysis shows that, in Indonesia, 4G still holds the advantage over Wifi networks, both public and private combined, but 5G delivers a far superior experience than both 4G and Wifi, which may offer a game-changing opportunity for operators to upgrade the mobile experience.

Blog Entry | No | Indonesia | | Hardik Khatri

Turkey, December 2022, Mobile Network Experience

By Robert Wyrzykowski, December 2022

There are several changes in the awards table in this Turkey Mobile Network Experience report. Compared to the previous report, Turkcell increased its award count from four to six outright wins. However, Türk Telekom broke out of several statistical ties it was in with its competitors and secures three trophies outright.

Report 2022 | No | Turkey | | Robert Wyrzykowski