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MasMovil-Orange merger could impact current 5G experience in Spain

By Hardik Khatri, May 2024

As part of regulatory approval for Orange and MasMovil merger in Spain, MasOrange still needs to dispose of 30MHz in the 3.5GHz (n78) band. This analysis assesses our 5G users' experience on the 3.5GHz (n78) band and its usage across all four mobile network operators (MNOs) in Q1 2024, prior to the merger

Canada, May 2024, Fixed Broadband Experience

By Andrey Popov, May 2024

National broadband comparison looks at user experience results of customers with Bell, Rogers (inc. Shaw), Telus and Starlink. Rogers is recognized for the best overall experience more frequently than any other provider in this report.

Saudi Arabia, May 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Andrey Popov, May 2024

In this report we examine the mobile network experience of the three main mobile network operators in Saudi Arabia — stc, Mobily and Zain — over a period of 90 days starting on January 01, 2024, and ending on March 30, 2024, to see how they fared.

تجربة شبكة الجوال: المملكة العربية السعودية مايو 2024

By Andrey Popov, May 2024

ويتناول هذا التقرير تجربة شبكة الجوال لمشغّلي شبكات الجوال الثلاثة الرئيسيين في المملكة العربية السعودية - شركة الاتصالات السعودية وموبايلي وزين - وذلك على مدى 90 يومًا تبدأ في 1 يناير 2024 وتنتهي في 30 مارس 2024، وذلك لتقييم أدائهم وكيفية تمكنهم من تحقيق النجاح.

Hong Kong, May 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Opensignal, May 2024

CMKH leads the award count in Hong Kong with four sole and five shared wins — ahead of csl, which collected four awards outright and three jointly.

USA Fixed Broadband Experience — National View — May 2024

By Robert Wyrzykowski, May 2024

In the latest USA Fixed Broadband Experience report, Xfinity comes first in two out of four metrics — Broadband Consistent Quality and Broadband Video Experience. Spectrum wins Broadband Download Speed outright, while AT&T triumphs for Broadband Upload Speed.

5G FWA is a game-changer for broadband services in Italy

By Andrey Popov, Giulio Sinibaldi, May 2024

In this report, Opensignal delves into the current state of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology in Italy, with emphasis on the promising emergence of 5G FWA as a solution to close the digital divide and meet the country's connectivity goals.