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5G beats Wifi for download speed and multiplayer mobile gaming in the Philippines

By Sam Fenwick, June 2022

This new Opensignal analysis shows that smartphone users saw much faster download speeds connected to 5G than when using Wifi in the Philippines. Also, for multiplayer mobile gaming 5G delivers a superior experience to Wifi, unlike older 4G which was noticeably inferior to Wifi.

Blog Entry | No | Philippines | | Sam Fenwick

Costa Rica, June 2022, Mobile Network Experience

By Hardik Khatri, June 2022

A quick look at our results, and it's clear that Claro is ahead in mobile network experience as it wins five out of our 10 awards outright.

Report 2022 | No | Costarica | | Hardik Khatri

Costa Rica, Junio 2022, Experiencia de Red Móvil

By Hardik Khatri, June 2022

Si echamos un vistazo a nuestros resultados, queda claro que Claro está a la cabeza en cuanto a experiencia de red móvil, ya que gana cinco de nuestros 10 premios.

Report 2022 | No | Costarica | | Hardik Khatri

Despite interference concerns, 5G already offers a better user experience at the busiest US airports

By Robert Wyrzykowski, June 2022

Opensignal looked at the mobile network experience of our users at the 25 busiest airports in the U.S. based on FAA reports, and compared that to national results, to see how users’ 5G mobile experience differed. Opensignal users enjoyed faster overall cellular download speeds and an overall better video streaming experience, compared to the national average. However, users also spent more time without a cellular signal at airports.

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Robert Wyrzykowski

Israel, June 2022, Mobile Network Experience

By Francesco Rizzato, June 2022

The Israeli mobile market shows once again fierce competition for our mobile experience awards as all operators secured one or more victories across our nine award categories.

Report 2022 | No | Israel | | Francesco Rizzato

El Salvador, June 2022, Mobile Network Experience

By Sam Fenwick, June 2022

Claro users see the fastest download and upload speeds, but Tigo shares the 4G Availability and 4G Coverage Experience awards with Claro.

Report 2022 | No | Elsalvador | | Sam Fenwick