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Costa Rica, June 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Opensignal, June 2024

Claro wins all but two awards outright, including the newly introduced Reliability Experience award. Kölbi keeps hold of Coverage Experience and Availability.

Pengalaman Jaringan Seluler: Indonesia, Juni 2024

By Robert Wyrzykowski, June 2024

IOH mengungguli Telkomsel dalam jumlah penghargaan yang diraih kali ini. IOH meraih lima penghargaan langsung, bertambah dari hanya dua penghargaan pada laporan sebelumnya. Telkomsel meraih tiga penghargaan nasional sekaligus, sedangkan Smartfren meraih satu penghargaan.

Costa Rica, Junio 2024, Experiencia de Redes Móviles

By Opensignal, June 2024

Claro gana todos los premios menos dos, incluido el recientemente presentado premio Experiencia en Confiabilidad. Kölbi mantiene la Experiencia de Cobertura y Disponibilidad.

Indonesia, June 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Robert Wyrzykowski, June 2024

IOH brands overtake Telkomsel in terms of the number of awards won this time around. They end with five awards won outright, up from just two in the previous report. Telkomsel garners three national awards outright, while Smartfren wins one award.

Fiber dominates broadband experience over Fixed Wireless Access in Australia

By Andrey Popov, June 2024

In this analysis, Opensignal examines the broadband experiences of Australian users with the two most prominent competing access technologies: fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). To understand how these networks affect real-life users, we have examined two key metrics of everyday end-user experience: Consistent Quality and Video Experience.

Finland, June 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Opensignal, June 2024

Telia now wins Availability outright, while Elisa holds onto both coverage experience awards. DNA now shares first place with Elisa for 5G Download Speed.

Tracking mobile network performance daily during the Hajj pilgrimage

By Rupert Bapty, June 2024

In this report, Opensignal will track the experience of our users during this year’s Hajj, held from June 14 to 19, to assess how mobile networks handled the demand and whether 5G technology can provide better performance.