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Assessing JENDELA initiative progress to retire 3G and deliver ubiquitous 4G to Malaysians

By Hardik Khatri, November 2021

Last year Malaysia kicked off the first phase of a multi-billion dollar digital infrastructure project — the JENDELA initiative. But what's been the impact of these significant investments on the mobile network experience in Malaysia?

Blog Entry | No | Malaysia | | Hardik Khatri

Understanding mobile experience explains why users in Colombia switch mobile operators

By Robert Wyrzykowski, November 2021

In this new analysis, Opensignal has found that Colombian smartphone users that switched their mobile operator saw a significantly worse mobile experience than the average for their original operator before they switched. These Leavers spent more time without a signal and less time connected to 4G.

Blog Entry | No | Colombia | | Robert Wyrzykowski

Analyzing mobile experience at NFL stadiums

By Francesco Rizzato, November 2021

The 2021/2022 season is the first full season where there is widely available 5G from all three national mobile carriers. In this first Opensignal analysis at US sports venues we have analyzed our users’ 5G and overall mobile experience on the three national carriers. 5G is especially important for stadiums because of the need to serve large numbers of users in close proximity without network congestion.

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Francesco Rizzato

Japan, November 2021, Business Mobile Network Experience

By Sam Fenwick, November 2021

Good mobile connectivity has become the life-blood of business. For this reason, Opensignal has, in this report, analyzed the mobile experience of our users in the locations that matter to businesses, on each of the mobile networks in Japan.

Report Page | No | Japan | | Sam Fenwick

Argentina, November 2021, Mobile Network Experience

By Sam Fenwick, November 2021

Claro and Personal share the Voice App Experience and Games Experience awards.

Report Page | No | Argentina | | Sam Fenwick

Italy, November 2021, 5G Experience

By Francesco Rizzato, November 2021

In our first look at the 5G experience in Italy, we see all four national operators featuring as winners in multiple mobile experience categories.

Report Page | No | Italy | | Francesco Rizzato