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Qatar, November 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By David Nedescu, November 2019

In a surprising turn of events, Ooredoo managed to snatch four awards from Vodafone, breaking the tie for 4G Availability and securing Qatar’s first award for Voice App Experience.

Report Page | No | Qatar | | David Nedescu

Argentina, November 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By David Nedescu, November 2019

Claro wins its only award in this report, and is just 1.2 points away from achieving a Good Voice App Experience.

Report Page | No | Argentina | | David Nedescu

2020 Predictions — what's in Opensignal's crystal ball for the next year?

By Peter Boyland, November 2019

In the world of telecoms, 2019 will probably be remembered as the year 5G got serious. So what can we expect from the next generation, and the rest of the mobile world, in 2020?

Blog Entry | No | Global | | Peter Boyland

UAE, November 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Sue Marek, November 2019

Once again Etisalat was the big winner in our U.A.E. mobile network experience report. Etisalat won five of our national awards and continued to dominate in the Download and Upload Speed Experience categories.

Report Page | No | UAE | | Sue Marek

TPG users’ download speed and video experience evolve in different directions

By Ian Fogg, November 2019

New mobile network operator, TPG, launched a new service at the start of 2019 in an unusual way.

Blog Entry | No | Singapore | | Ian Fogg

Indonesian users in sparsely-populated rural areas connect to 4G more than 70% of the time

By Hardik Khatri, November 2019

Opensignal found that despite 4G networks approaching near-ubiquitous level, a connectivity gap exists between sparsely populated rural areas and densely populated urban areas of Indonesia.

Blog Entry | No | Indonesia | | Hardik Khatri