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Mobile download speed recovery stories vary in markets around the world

By Robert Wyrzykowski, August 2021

To understand what the new normal looks like for mobile experience, Opensignal is updating our previous analysis of the impact of the pandemic and changed user behavior on the mobile experience with new data.

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Denmark, August 2021, Mobile Network Experience

By Ian Fogg, August 2021

With a score of 18.7 Mbps, 3 wins the category which was won by TDC in the last report.

Report Page | No | Denmark | | Ian Fogg

Cambodia, August 2021, Mobile Network Experience

By Sam Fenwick, August 2021

Smart Axiata reclaims the Download Speed Experience award from Metfone.

Report Page | No | Cambodia | | Sam Fenwick

Brazil, July 2021, Mobile Network Experience

By Robert Wyrzykowski, July 2021

In our latest look at the mobile network experience in Brazil, we see mixed fortunes on the awards table. Claro wins four awards — Games Experience, Voice App Experience, Download Speed Experience and Upload Speed Experience. But TIM wins Video Experience and 4G Availability.

Report Page | No | Brazil | | Robert Wyrzykowski

How to accelerate Malaysia’s 3G switch-off to help 5G rollout

By Hardik Khatri, July 2021

While Malaysian mobile operators are trying to achieve nationwide retirement of 3G networks by the end of 2021, there are still users who rely on 3G, which could make it harder for Malaysian operators to switch off legacy 3G networks and improve users’ mobile experience as there is a risk of digital exclusion.

Blog Entry | No | Malaysia | | Hardik Khatri

Swiss daytime speeds have increased more than evening speeds

By Sam Fenwick, July 2021

To assess how increases in network capacity are keeping up with larger volumes of mobile traffic, Opensignal has examined how the average 4G download speeds observed by our Swiss users vary over the course of the day.

Blog Entry | No | Switzerland | | Sam Fenwick