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The Opensignal Manifesto

Claims of “Best Network” and “Fastest Download” abound in today’s communications industry. All too often these claims don’t match the true experience of the service received by end customers. There are many reasons for this disconnect, ranging from the use of outdated engineering tests rather than measuring end to end experience, through to poor data science in the analysis of the results.

Often the commercial relationship between the company carrying out the tests and the operators is less than transparent, opening them to claims of selective reporting and bias.

Opensignal is committed to addressing this problem.

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We are proudly independent. Being the trusted source of truth on network experience is at the core of our business. Commercial relationships never influence our reporting.

Our tests are designed to measure the true experience of the end users as accurately as possible: we compare networks based on measures that matter to customers, not abstract engineering parameters.

Our analysis uses industry standard techniques applied by our dedicated team of data scientists to ensure the analytics behind our public reports and customer solutions are trustworthy.

Naturally, every element of our business is designed to respect and protect the privacy of subscribers.

In order to bring more transparency to the industry, we openly publish the rules which govern our public reporting and support our bold claim to be the most trustworthy source of user experience comparison insights in the industry.

Independence Charter

Our Independence Charter is the commitment of the company and every single employee to do business in an independent and unbiased way.

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Analytics Charter

Our Analytics Charter sets out the rules we believe any company should be judged by in terms of the data science techniques used to ensure the integrity of reports and conclusions.

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Experience Charter

Our Experience Charter sets out the rules we believe any company should adhere to when making measurements to represent user experience for mobile networks.

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