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Solutions for Network Operators

Opensignal’s solutions take a holistic approach to enabling network operators to improve both their network experience and commercial performance. Our analysis provides a unique vantage point which delivers deep understanding into the real-world experience of subscribers, and what is happening in the market.

Our solutions for operators leverage an unrivaled range of analysis, including those that power our global reports and insights, ensuring that operators are basing their decisions on a globally acknowledged source of truth.


Insights at the pace of the market

Timely insights allow senior executives to understand the changing market dynamics at a national and regional level. Being consistently on top of this ever-changing position enables them to react to the evolving market, prioritize their actions and campaigns and ensure that these will translate directly into business success.


Focusing to deliver class leading network experience

Our analysis allows rapid understanding of the key factors influencing the network experience, such as separating the impact of peak capabilities under optimum conditions from the experience delivered in high traffic areas at busy times. This clear insight allows operators to focus network improvement activities in the areas which will deliver genuine improvements for their customers.


Maximizing opportunity

Operators invest capital and resources building networks that deliver the best possible experience to their customers. Our commercial insights allow them to take fair credit for all that investment, understand how their customers are responding to the experience they deliver and identify clear areas of opportunity, all in the context of a dynamic competitive market.


Understanding impact

Our insights are updated constantly enabling operators to close the loop and understand the impact of actions. Commercial teams can track the benefits of their own marketing campaigns, whilst also seeing the impact of competitors campaigns and activities. Network teams can see how improvement programs have impacted the real user experience.


Improving connectivity for all

By providing an independent objective source of the truth to all industry stakeholders we foster competition based on what matters most to end customers. Ultimately improving connectivity for all.

To learn how the world’s most trusted insights about the truth of mobile experience and market dynamics can empower your business, get in touch with us today.


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