Data Privacy Charter

At Opensignal, we collect and analyze billions of mobile network experience measurements and use this data to publish independent reports and insights on the real-world mobile network experience of everyday users worldwide.

We believe it is incumbent upon us to be responsible and transparent about how we collect, use, share and protect data, and we will always treat the privacy of mobile subscribers as a fundamental right.  

We design our systems from the very outset to limit the collection of personal information.  The personal data we do collect helps us understand mobile network experience and empowers our users to make better informed decisions regarding their choice of mobile network provider.  We have worked diligently to be compliant with the strictest privacy regulations globally, such as the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 


How we collect data:

  • We collect data through our own applications (apps) and a series of carefully selected partner apps. All of our app partners are vetted through rigorous privacy and security processes to ensure our users’ data is treated securely and in a privacy-sensitive manner.
  • We explicitly require affirmative user consent for all data we collect, and we are transparent about what we will do with that data.  
  • We only use the data to derive insights on mobile network experience. We do not use the data for any other purpose. For example, we do not use the data for any individualized user identification or individualized user tracking.
  • We take data security extremely seriously and have implemented a robust array of physical, technological and administrative measures to prevent data theft, fraud and abuse.
  • All our data collection is fully compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the comprehensive privacy legislation of the EU.


What data we collect:

  • The data we collect includes the location of a given device along with diagnostic information on the device’s network quality.
  • We use this to measure the everyday experience that mobile users receive on their networks at different times of day and locations.
  • The location information we collect helps us capture the network connectivity typical users experience on a per-location basis, and to provide insights on how this varies from place to place.
  • We collect information on the type of network users are connected to, the strength and quality of that connection and the network operator providing the service.
  • We also collect information on devices, such as phone models or mobile platforms which help us analyze the differences in wireless experience across a range of devices.
  • We do not collect personal demographic data on users such as the name, age, gender, telephone number or any other demographic information.
  • A comprehensive list of the data types we collect is available in our Privacy Policy.


Responsible use of the data:

  • Our business model is based on sharing analytics and insights derived from the data we collect.
  • We use mobile analytics based aggregated data to publish industry reports and to provide more insights for our customers through our analytics insights solutions.
  • We typically provide aggregate analytics based on collected data, not sharing collected data in any way that would allow the identification of individual users.
  • Our clients may also use our analytics and the anonymized aggregated data to develop their own bespoke in-depth insights. They are contractually obliged to take similar measures to the ones Opensignal uses to ensure data is kept secure and confidential at all times.
  • We use location data with the express purpose of measuring and analyzing network service experience in a particular place. Collecting location data enables us to compare different network experiences among users in different locations.


Your data sharing options:

We appreciate the input of all those who contribute data, but we understand not everyone would like to do so and we provide a range of options to enable flexible data sharing:

  • Users can choose to use our applications without contributing data.
  • Likewise, if users give consent to provide their data and later change their mind, data contribution can easily be switched on or off via the settings in the apps.
  • Users can also request to have their history deleted from our records. Should you wish to do this please contact us using the details below.


For more information, read our Privacy Policy or contact us at: [email protected].