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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

Laporan dan analisis Opensignal adalah panduan definitif untuk memahami pengalaman sebenarnya yang diterima oleh pelanggan di jaringan nirkabel.

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How to improve Indonesia’s mobile experience by accelerating 3G switch-off

By Hardik Khatri, June 2021

While Indonesia is making strides to adopt 5G networks, a significant proportion of its population still relies on old 3G network technology. This means Indonesian operators face challenges with switching off 3G networks and re-using that existing wireless spectrum for more efficient 4G technology now and in time for 5G.

Blog Entry | No | Indonesia | | Hardik Khatri

The State of Group Video Calling Experience – Asia Pacific

By Robert Wyrzykowski, May 2021

Opensignal looked at 21 markets in our first Group Video Calling Experience analysis in the APAC region. Our users experienced the most seamless video conferencing on mobile devices in Japan and Singapore.

Blog Entry | No | Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Newzealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Southkorea, Srilanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam | | Robert Wyrzykowski

Malaysia’s mobile data consumption surge in 2020 dwarfed that of neighbouring countries

By Robert Wyrzykowski, May 2021

According to Opensignal’s comparative analysis of trends of mobile data consumption recorded by smartphone users in Southeast Asia, Malaysia showed a remarkable increase in mobile data usage between January 2020 and February 2021 - higher than other countries in the region.

Blog Entry | No | Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand | | Robert Wyrzykowski

Indonesian users who changed operators had a below average mobile experience

By Francesco Rizzato, April 2021

Opensignal has analyzed mobile subscriber churn in Indonesia and found that our users who changed their mobile operator on average had a worse mobile experience before they switched compared to the typical experience on their original network.

Blog Entry | No | Indonesia | | Francesco Rizzato

Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2021

By Sam Fenwick, March 2021

Last year, to celebrate Opensignal’s 10th anniversary, we ranked the world's operators using our leading measures of the real-world mobile network experience. It was so well received that we’ve chosen to publish the awards again.

Report Page | Yes | Global, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costarica, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, Newzealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudiarabia, Singapore, Southafrica, Southkorea, Spain, Srilanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, Uruguay, Vietnam | | Sam Fenwick

How the combined Indosat-3’s mobile experience can reshape Indonesian competitive landscape

By Francesco Rizzato, February 2021

To help understand the potential for a merged company, Opensignal has estimated what our Indosat and 3 users’ combined mobile experience would have looked like if they had been a single operator, looking at the same time period as we analyzed in our last mobile experience report for Indonesia.

Blog Entry | No | Indonesia | | Francesco Rizzato