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Solutions for Regulators

Regulators around to world are charged with working with the industry to create an environment that maximizes the quality of service provided to citizens and businesses within their territory. With the growing importance of connectivity in today’s world, their success has profound implications.


Redressing the balance of information

In their interactions with operators, the regulators have traditionally been at a disadvantage. Operators have access to a vast range of information regarding the services they offer, and the trade-offs they make between what is ultimately possible and commercial constraints.

Opensignal’s solutions for regulators remedy the balance by giving the regulator an accurate in-depth, and timely understanding of the quality of service actually experienced by users. Comparisons within a country and against global benchmarks give clear insight into what is possible, and where operators are falling short.


Accelerating progress

By using Opensignal’s insights to inform where they should exert their influence and then again to understand the impact of their actions, regulators can accelerate progress towards their goals.

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