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Impactful Analysis

The analysis that makes Opensignal’s industry reports the de facto source of truth for measuring network experience is just one element of our holistic, integrated view of experience and competitive market dynamics.

Used by mobile network operators, regulators and analysts around the world, our solutions provide an in-depth understanding of users’ real-world experience on the different networks, and the competitive market dynamics. They unlock a clear view of strengths, opportunities and priorities for improvement at local, regional and national level.

Powerful Insights

We offer a range of analytics solutions tailored to the needs of different stakeholders and teams, allowing clients to quickly and accurately identify relevant information without the need for deep technical knowledge.

All our customer solutions use the same world-class data science and analytics that have made our industry reports the most respected in the world, trusted for their informative analysis that does not mislead or confuse. Decisions informed by our analytics can be made with confidence, knowing that they are based on an accurate measurement of the real experience of mobile users.

Solutions for Network Operators

Our solutions for mobile network operators can be used to make business decisions that prioritize projects and investment targeted at improving customer experience and competitive position.

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Solutions for Telecom Regulators

Regulators can benchmark regional and national experience against best in class internationally, to understand where to apply influence.

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Solutions for Analysts

Analysts can see a wide range of trends that underpin the evolution of the market and understand the impacts of investment strategies.

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