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Will 5G Advanced deliver on the 5G promise?

By Sylwia Kechiche, April 2024

Sylwia leads Opensignal’s Analysis team, responsible for developing data-driven insights and analyses. She was recently invited to moderate a session at the 5G Blitz Week, where industry experts convened to explore a pivotal question: Can 5G Advanced deliver on the 5G promise?

5G speeds and 5G Availability increase across the Brazilian regions

By Robert Wyrzykowski, April 2024

Looking at the recent year-on-year changes in 5G speeds and 5G signal availability in Brazil and across its states, we observe steady improvements in the mobile network experience nationally and a more varied scale of increases at a regional or city level.

Connectivity is high in the UAE’s industrial zones

By Rupert Bapty, April 2024

In this analysis, we have used our Emirati mobile users’ connectivity experience in industrial zones to benchmark potential IoT device experience.

Vodafone’s users spend more time on 5G, as it shuts down 3G across Australia

By Rupert Bapty, April 2024

In this analysis, we look at the impact 3G shutdown is having on Vodafone’s user experience in Australia. In particular, we look at the prevalence of 3G connections in Australia, alongside the effects of Vodafone’s 3G switch off on both user experience and user connectivity.

Austria, April 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Opensignal, April 2024

Opensignal looks at mobile network experience in Austria among users of 3, A1 and Magenta

Guatemala, March 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Robert Wyrzykowski, March 2024

Claro wins seven awards outright, including all speed awards. It is now the sole winner of 5G Coverage, Availability and 5G Availability. Meanwhile, Tigo comes first in four categories, including Consistent Quality.

Vodafone and 3 set to create UK’s leading mobile coverage network post-merger

By Andrey Popov, March 2024

Our analysis of user experiences with Vodafone and 3 in the U.K. suggests the merger will allow users on the combined network to enjoy Coverage Experience that rivals that of O2, the current market leader according to Opensignal data.