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Consistent Quality explained

By Marketing, August 2022

Opensignal has long been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to measuring real-world network experience.

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Why confidence intervals are vital in analyzing mobile network experience

By Marketing, August 2022

In the world of scientific experiments there is no such thing as an exact measurement.

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Say hello to the new Opensignal

By Dave Isenberg, August 2022

Last year, three companies joined forces to accelerate our mission of advancing connectivity for all.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Sam, Senior Analyst and D&D geek

By Andrea Toth, July 2022

Welcome to our employee spotlight series! One of the key contributors to our growth and success has been our fantastic team, so it’s fitting to bring them into the spotlight with a recurring series.

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Speed testing with purpose

By Andrea Toth, July 2022

When we launched Opensignal over a decade ago we had a clear mission: to provide independent, accurate insights on the state of mobile networks, advancing connectivity for all.

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Better app performance is grounded in data, here’s why

By Andrea Toth, June 2022

We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s an app for that”.

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