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Poor connectivity

is hurting your app

Analysis shows that when connectivity is poor, app performance is likely to suffer in a number of ways.

Yet over 80% of connectivity problems can be solved by the application publisher or the user.
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Introducing OSCA

OSCA for Android and iOS helps mobile app developers to understand how connectivity is affecting user experience and provides actionable steps to improve performance.

With OSCA you can:

  • Understand where and when poor connectivity is impacting your user experience
  • Analyse how poor connectivity is affecting your user journey and funnel performance
  • Identify the issues that are within your control to improve

Then, take actionable steps to:

  • Implement front-end features to inform your users that they are experiencing poor connectivity, to avoid them leaving a bad app review
  • Optimise your server infrastructure to deliver better performance
  • Optimise your app to better cope with poor connectivity or high latency

Convenient, Compliant and Compatible

<1 hour to integrate
Integration into iOS and Android apps takes under 1 hour, with a package deployable via Maven.
Integrate with MMPs
Integrate Appsflyer, Amplitude and more to identify how connectivity is affecting your UX and conversion funnel.
Help improve networks
We use anonymised derivatives of the data to inform network providers where they have weakness, to enable them to improve.
Privacy Compliant
We work diligently to comply with privacy regulations globally including GDPR and CCPA. Data is only collected with user consent. No personal or advertising IDs are collected.
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