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Help us measure mobile network experience from the source that matters most – actual users

By downloading one of our apps, you contribute measurements that help us understand what’s really happening on mobile networks from the source that matters most - actual mobile phone users. We aggregate and analyze all the information contributed by our app community to help us report the truth in mobile experience. And operators around the globe use our analytics – based on billions of data points from real smartphone users like you – to improve their networks.

Understand your true download and upload speed with the Opensignal app

The Opensignal app helps you accurately measure the everyday experience you receive on your mobile network. No estimates, predictions or best case scenarios. Opensignal informs you about your true speed and video experience – what you are likely to experience when normally using your phone.

Download the app for:

  • Stats on your true download, upload speeds and responsiveness, whether you’re connecting through Wifi or a 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G mobile connection
  • Video streaming test to understand real life mobile video experience 
  • History of speed tests, visualized on a map or list
  • Network availability stats – how much time you are connected to your mobile data network or have no signal
  • Independent coverage maps on all major network operators around the world

Check how your internet connection impacts your favorite apps with the Meteor App

Opensignal's Meteor app helps you understand how your favorite apps will work with your current internet speed. Get realistic speed and performance scores for 6 apps at a time, selected from 25 popular apps covering the most popular categories: social media, video and music streaming as well as your favorite gaming apps.

Download the app for:

  • Your true connection speed, whether you’re connecting through Wifi or your mobile network
  • Your upload speed before you share images or videos on social media
  • If your download speed will be enough to use the most popular navigation and ride-sharing apps
  • If you can watch videos without the hassle of stalling

We are committed to safeguarding the data you share with us through our apps. For more information, read our Data Privacy Charter.