About us

Our analytics and insights power the evolution of mobile networks to improve mobile connectivity for all.

We are the independent global standard for understanding the true state of the world’s mobile networks based on measurements of real user experience.

We apply scientific analysis to billions of on-device measurements to reveal the truth about the real experience users receive on mobile networks.

We independently measure mobile user experience on every major network operator around the globe.

Our reports are the globally recognized standard across the industry.

Our analytics and insights are used across the industry.

  • Operators use our analytics and insights to make key business decisions to improve the experience they deliver in a competitive market.
  • We empower regulators to benchmark operators against global standards and strive for the very best digital services essential to a modern economy.
  • Analysts are able to judge the impact of investments and understand key trends in the market.
  • Consumers use our reports to make informed choices about network providers.

The story behind measuring true mobile network experience

Opensignal was founded in 2010 to find an alternative way to test the performance of mobile networks. Back then, "measurement" entailed driving around in a car full of test gear and conducting artificial tests to approximate user experience.

We saw two problems with this approach. The high cost of conducting the tests created a severe shortage of information and the results were often based on simulations. What mattered most to consumers were the actual network speeds and availability they experienced on their devices, not some abstract representation of their possible experience based on optimized test equipment.

There had to be a better way. And there was, thanks to advances in smartphone technology and adoption. We created an app to capture real user measurements and developed innovative techniques to scientifically analyze the data. We improved on the status quo with a proven approach that explicitly measures network experience from the point of view of everyday users.

This step change from testing performance to measuring experience was revolutionary and yet so simple. It was the difference between conducting controlled laboratory tests and recording real events as they happened in their natural environment. Scientists have long held that the latter yields far more accurate findings. We could not agree more.

“No other company in the wireless industry reports at Opensignal’s frequency and scale: nationally, regionally and globally.”

That’s why Opensignal’s approach relies solely upon billions of device measurements shared by millions of real users every day – recorded in all the places where people actually live, work and travel.

In less than a decade, we have evolved from a small network testing firm to a leading mobile analytics company helping operators, equipment makers, regulators and financial analysts to understand key trends in the market and make critical business decisions.

Alongside our work with key stakeholders, we bring transparency to the industry by publicly reporting on mobile network experience across 100 countries (and counting).

We report on every major operator worldwide. No other company in the wireless industry reports at Opensignal’s frequency and scale: nationally, regionally and globally.

While outdated engineering tests and less sophisticated crowdsourced measurement approaches are still around, Opensignal’s independent analytics and insights are broadly recognized as the global standard. Most importantly, we’ve overcome the shortage of information available to the industry and consumers alike by making our insights on real mobile network experience available to all.


Opensignal is committed to revealing the disconnect between industry hype and the true mobile connectivity received by end users. Our independent reports and insights are based on measurements of real experience and scientific analysis. We openly declare the philosophies which govern our business, our measurements and our analytics that have made us the most respected source of mobile network user experience available.

Read more in the Opensignal Manifesto.