About us

Our essential data and insights enable communication service providers to continually optimize their performance, advancing connectivity for all.

Opensignal is the leading global provider of independent insights and data integrating network experience and market performance across converged, wireless and broadband operators. Our customer-centric holistic approach allows communication providers to improve their network and maximize commercial performance.

In a world where connectivity services are no longer judged simply by engineering tests of speed and coverage we focus on the real experience. We measure the network experience users receive in their everyday lives, from web browsing, through to streaming video and multiplayer online gaming. Network experience is of course only one factor influencing customer choice. Our market data shows the everyday choices that they make, revealing what really matters to them, and the impact on all players in the market.

Our public reports are the independent global standard for understanding the true state of the world’s communications networks.

  • Based on billions of measurements of real user experience from markets across the globe.

  • We apply scientific analysis to reveal the truth about the real experience users receive on networks and report on the latest technology and industry trends, and how they impact experience.

  • Our analysis is proudly independent and trusted by media around the globe to give an unbiased, accurate point of view.

Our unrivaled data solutions are used across the communications industry.

  • Operators use our analytics and insights to make key business decisions to improve both their network and commercial performance in a competitive market.

  • We empower regulators to benchmark operators against global standards and strive for the very best digital services essential to a modern economy.

  • Analysts are able to judge the impact of investments and understand key trends in the market.