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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

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USA Fixed Broadband Experience — MSA View — June 2024

By Rupert Bapty, June 2024

This report takes a deep look into the localized fixed broadband experience of our American users, focusing on the 20 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and the largest broadband providers within them.

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Success in the US: A Roadmap for Broadband Success Elsewhere?

By Robert Wyrzykowski, June 2024

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) has emerged as a transformative use case driving the widespread deployment of 5G technology. Since 2018, many markets around the globe have embraced 5G FWA services, with the U.S. leading the charge. By analyzing the evolution and impact of 5G FWA services in the U.S., Opensignal provides valuable insights and conclusions that can guide and inform other global markets embarking on their own 5G FWA journeys.

Panama, June 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Opensignal, June 2024

In this most recent Panamanian mobile network experience report, Tigo takes home the new Reliability Experience award and +Móvil joins Digicel on the winners' platform for Games Experience.

A Reality Check on Standalone 5G: Momentum is Building

By Sylwia Kechiche, June 2024

The initial rollout of 5G technology came with sky-high expectations, fueled by marketing narratives that promised revolutionary changes

Türkiye, June 2024, Mobile Network Experience

By Opensignal, June 2024

Turkcell wins four awards outright, including both speed awards and Coverage Experience. Vodafone now statistically ties with Türk Telekom for Availability and Games Experience, but Türk Telekom keeps hold of the Consistent Quality award

Poland, June 2024, Mobile Network Experience Report

By Sylwia Kechiche, June 2024

T-Mobile takes the lead in 5G Download Speed while Orange wins Coverage Experience and Plus takes home 5G Coverage Experience.

Understanding 3G usage in New Zealand ahead of the 2025 shutdowns

By Sam Fenwick, May 2024

In this latest Opensignal analysis, we show the degree to which our Kiwi users still rely on 3G, why some users aren’t connecting to 4G and the gap between the experience of 3G-only and 4G-only users (users that connect to 4G but have never connected to 5G).