Ian Fogg

Ian leads Opensignal’s Analysis team, responsible for developing data-driven insights and analyses.

Francesco Rizzato

As a senior technical analyst, Francesco works on developing new insights and analysis using Opensignal’s mobile analytics data.

James Robinson

James is a co-founder of Opensignal and the head of the Research and Innovation team.

Brendan Gill

Brendan is the CEO and cofounder of Opensignal, he is passionate about mobile experiences and how new technologies play a role in helping to enhance it.

Andrea Toth

Andrea works in Opensignal’s Marketing team, she is passionate about the interface between technology and society.

Hardik Khatri

Hardik is responsible for developing data-driven insights and analysis as well as producing semi-annual national and global reports.

Sam Fenwick

Sam develops insights, analyses and reports at the national and global level, using Opensignal's data.

Robert Wyrzykowski

Robert develops new data-driven insights and analysis for Opensignal. He also writes reports on national and global mobile network experience.

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