Why join the Opensignal App Partner Program

 Faster internet for your users, more value for your apps

Drive your app business forward and help understand and improve connectivity and mobile app performance on wireless networks.


 A partner you can trust

Drawing on over 10+ years of experience, we have built a global reputation among the top telecom operators, regulators, NGOs and consumers as the independent global standard for mobile network experience.


 Low-impact, low-maintenance SDK

Our SDK runs on 20M+ devices each day and is simple to install using Maven. Being developers ourselves we understand the importance of a non-intrusive light touch SDK and operate a dedicated customer support team to help you out every step of the way. 

Our own apps, Opensignal and Meteor are among the top speed testing applications worldwide.

     Strictly no ad targeting

    Your data is not used for any form of advertising targeting. Our business model is based on providing aggregated and anonymous insights on mobile network experience, not on any personalized tracking.


     Available for Android and iOS

    Enjoy more value for more users with support for both Android and iOS.


    Stay privacy compliant

    We don't collect advertising IDs, demographic details, or any other sensitive information. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

    We work diligently to comply with the strictest privacy regulations globally, such as GDPR & CCPA.

    How would your data be used?

    We create independent reports on users’ real-world mobile network experience worldwide, bringing transparency to the industry and advancing connectivity for all. 

    Our reports power telecom companies to improve their networks and consumers to make better informed decisions when choosing their mobile operators.


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      We're on a mission to increase mobile app sustainability and reliability by crowdsourcing data to improve global connectivity.

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