The Opensignal App Partner Program

Opensignal works with application development partners to realize our mission of improving mobile connectivity for all. We work with our partners to collect billions of mobile network experience measurements and we analyze this data to publish independent reports and insights on the real-world mobile network experience of everyday users worldwide. We enable users to make informed decisions and industry stakeholders to improve the experience end users receive and continually work with our partners to identify ways we can support them directly to improve the experience they provide for their users.

Minimal personal data collection

  • The only data we collect from our partners is network quality and diagnostic information, such as signal strength or interference levels, and where they experience it.
  • We do not collect any demographic information and are very transparent with users on what we do with the dataRead more in our Data Privacy Charter.
  • We do not collect any information about the use of the device such as apps used or the content accessed.

Strict data privacy policy

  • We only collect data related to mobile network experience and not only do we adhere to a strict Privacy Policy, we insist our partners do too. Read more in our Data Privacy Charter.

No advertising targeting

  • We do not use the data we collect from partners for any form of advertising targeting. Our business model is based on providing aggregate insights on mobile network experience to legitimate industry stakeholders, not on any personalized tracking. We will never share our data with any organizations involved in targeting or tracking.

Available for Android and iOS

  • Our SDK is fully compliant with Apple and Google guidelines and policies.

Fully data privacy compliant

  • We have worked diligently to be compliant with the strictest privacy regulations globally, such as the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)


    Join our App Partner Program

    Join us in our mission and developers from around the world through an Opensignal partnership.

    What we expect from our partners

    We set high standards for our partners, they must:

    • Comply with our policies and standards and provide full transparency to their users. We review compliance quarterly.
    • Link to our partner privacy policy in their own privacy policy.

    What we offer in return

    • Light touch, easy to use SDK
    • Assurance that your users' privacy will be respected
    • The opportunity to participate in our program to identify ways to improve customer experience.
    • Expert help from our customer support team.

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