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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

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Peru, Mobile Network Experience February 2020

By Sam Fenwick, February 2020

Movistar users see an almost 10 point increase in Video Experience, catapulting it to first place and from Fair to Good, while Claro has made good but more modest progress in this metric.

Only Callao and Lima Province beat Peru's averages in mobile experience

By David Nedescu, December 2019

Mobile experience is heavily influenced by whether a user can access 4G at any time. In Peru, 4G Availability is seen to vary by region, ranging from as little as 68.1 in Pasco, to as high as 88.2 in Callao.

The State of Mobile Video Experience 2019

By David Nedescu, Ian Fogg, Sue Marek, November 2019

In one year mobile Video Experience has significantly improved in 59% of 100 countries analyzed. But the U.S. is lagging behind on mobile video as carriers face a spectrum crunch. Uniquely, Opensignal tests mobile video streaming at scale and does not estimate video experience based on speed tests or other indirect measurements.

The State of Mobile Voice App Experience

By Hardik Khatri, Peter Boyland, October 2019

Voice apps offer flexibility across a number of devices and networks, and have soared in popularity as smartphones become more and more ubiquitous.But what's the mobile user experience like on these voice apps
on today's mobile networks?

Brazil excels among South America's fastest mobile cities

By Kevin Fitchard, September 2019

The South American continent contains some of the largest cities in the world, and these metros are located in some very distinct locations.

Peru, August 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Peter Boyland, August 2019

Movistar increased its 4G Availability score by just 1.5 percentage points — but this was enough to force a draw with Entel, who saw no notable growth in its score.

The winner of the Opensignal Copa América hails from outside South America

By Kevin Fitchard, June 2019

<span>In the </span><a href="">103-year history</a> of the Copa América, no team outside of <a href="">CONMEBOL</a> has won South America&#39;s most prestigious national football tournament, despite the fact that squads from other federations have been participating in the competition since the 1990s.