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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

Laporan dan analisis Opensignal adalah panduan definitif untuk memahami pengalaman sebenarnya yang diterima oleh pelanggan di jaringan nirkabel.
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Sizing the satellite connectivity opportunity for smartphones

By Ian Fogg, September 2022

Satellite connectivity is coming to smartphones, Apple is adding Emergency SoS using satellites to the iPhone 14 range. Now, Opensignal has analyzed over 100 global markets to understand the extent of the cellular “no signal” problem that mobile users face.

The 5G Experience in APAC’s biggest cities

By Sam Fenwick, August 2022

Opensignal has analyzed the 5G Experience in 11 of the largest cities in the Asia Pacific region. Seoul users see the fastest 5G Download Speeds and spent the most time connected to 5G.

Indonesia, Juli 2022, Pengalaman Jaringan Seluler

By Hardik Khatri, July 2022

Analisis terbaru Opensignal tentang pasar seluler Indonesia mengungkap bahwa Telkomsel tetap menjadi operator dominan dalam hal pengalaman jaringan seluler di negara ini.

Indonesia, July 2022, Mobile Network Experience

By Hardik Khatri, July 2022

Opensignal's latest analysis of the Indonesian mobile market reveals that Telkomsel remains the dominant operator when it comes to the mobile network experience in the country.

Benchmarking the Global 5G Experience — June 2022

By Ian Fogg, June 2022

In this latest definitive analysis of 5G worldwide leaders, there are many new entrants in the top 15 markets across different measures of 5G mobile network experience compared with the last 5G benchmark.

5G provides a significant boost in Indonesia’s mobile speeds, video streaming and multiplayer mobile gaming

By Hardik Khatri, May 2022

Opensignal’s data shows that although Indonesia's 5G services are still at an early stage, 5G already delivers a significant uplift in mobile experience compared to older 4G and 3G technologies.

Users in Indonesia’s new capital region enjoy faster mobile download speeds than most Jawa regions

By Hardik Khatri, April 2022

In this insight, Opensignal examined the state of mobile network experience in Kalimantan Timur, Jakarta Raya and Jawa regions neighboring the former capital — to see how the new capital region stacks up across different aspects of mobile network experience.