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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

Laporan dan analisis Opensignal adalah panduan definitif untuk memahami pengalaman sebenarnya yang diterima oleh pelanggan di jaringan nirkabel.
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Seoul and Singapore top OpenSignal's list of East Asia's fastest 4G cities

By Kevin Fitchard, July 2018

In the last year, OpenSignal has ramped up its coverage in East Asia, introducing new State of Mobile Networks reports for <a href="/reports/2018/02/cambodia/mobile-networks-update">Cambodia</a>, <a href="/reports/2018/06/indonesia/state-of-the-mobile-network">Indonesia</a>, <a href="/reports/2018/05/myanmar/state-of-the-mobile-network">Myanmar</a>, <a href="/reports/2018/05/singapore/state-of-the-mobile-network">Singapore</a>, <a href="/reports/2017/12/taiwan/mobile-networks-update">Taiwan</a> and <a href="/reports/2018/04/thailand/mobile-networks-update">Thailand</a>.

Indonesia, Juni 2018, Kondisi Jaringan Seluler

By Kevin Fitchard, June 2018

Indonesia adalah negara luas yang didominasi oleh sebuah operator besar, Telkomsel.

Indonesia, June 2018, State of Mobile Networks

By Kevin Fitchard, June 2018

Indonesia’s already impressive LTE reach just kept growing over the last six months.

Indonesia is steadily working on its LTE - and it is paying off

By Andrea Toth, December 2017

Mobile users in Indonesia have a good chance of finding an LTE signal regardless of operator choice, but 4G download speeds remain among lowest worldwide.

Indonesia, December 2017, State of Mobile Networks

By Kevin Fitchard, December 2017

Tekomsel took top honors in nearly all of our award categories, taking first place in 3G and 4G speed and latency as well as in overall speed.