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Latin American cities’ 4G Download Speeds vary significantly round-the-clock

By Hardik Khatri, May 2019

Opensignal has analyzed 4G Download Speeds experienced by our users on smartphones across six of the largest cities in Latin America: Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City, Santiago, and São Paulo.

Blog Entry | No | Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru | | Hardik Khatri

One Brazilian host city is better prepared than others to stream the Copa América to mobile phones

By Kevin Fitchard, May 2019

Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã or São Paulo's Morumbi may be the premier stadiums for this year's Copa América, but when it comes to streaming the actual matches of Latin America's biggest football event to mobile phones, one host city has beaten both Rio and São Paulo — Porto Alegre.

Blog Entry | No | Brazil | | Kevin Fitchard
4G Availability in Rio de Janeiro has increased its reach since operators activated the 700 MHz band in June 2018

Rio de Janeiro: 4G Availability surges thanks to 700 MHz rollout

By Francesco Rizzato, April 2019

The infusion of the 700 MHz airwaves into operators’ 4G networks produced visible improvements in the national scores of our latest Brazil report as operators activated the new frequency band across Brazilian cities.

Blog Entry | No | Brazil | | Francesco Rizzato
4G Download Speed at the slowest hour in Brazil's largest cities

Brazil’s operators still far from providing a consistent 4G Download Speed

By Francesco Rizzato, March 2019

In Opensignal’s latest Brazil Mobile Network Experience report published in January, we recorded steady increases in mobile speeds across all operators, although we saw big differences in Download Speed Experience ranging from Oi’s average score of 7.7 Mbps to Claro’s 18.8 Mbps.

Blog Entry | No | Brazil | | Francesco Rizzato

Brazil, January 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Kevin Fitchard, January 2019

The reach of LTE signals continues to expand in Brazil as more of our users were able to find a 4G connection more often than in our last reporting period.

Report Page | No | Brazil | | Kevin Fitchard
Canada and Bolivia lead the Americas in our video experience analysis

Canada and Bolivia lead the Americas in our video experience analysis

By Kevin Fitchard, October 2018

OpenSignal recently published its first State of Mobile Video report, which analyzed how consumers experienced video over mobile networks in 69 countries around the world.

Blog Entry | No | Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costarica, Mexico, Peru, USA | | Kevin Fitchard