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Brazil, June 2017, Mobile Networks Update

By Kevin Fitchard, June 2017

Six months have passed since Opensignal published its last State of Mobile Networks: Brazil report, so it's time for our semi-annual update on 3G and 4G performance in the region. For our Mobile Networks Update we've taken a snapshot of the mobile market in Brazil, tracking changes in any of our key metrics.

Brazil, January 2017, State of Mobile Networks

By Kevin Fitchard, January 2017

Claro has made big gains in our performance rankings since OpenSignal's last report, winning both our 4G and 3G download speed awards as well as our overall speed prize.

Brazil, July 2016, State of Mobile Networks

By Kevin Fitchard, July 2016

With download speeds of 18.6 Mbps, Vivo comfortably wins our award for the fastest 4G network, performing more than twice as well as TIM (8.0 Mbps) and over 50% better than Claro (11.6 Mbps) and Oi (11.4 Mbps)..

Brazil, February 2016, State of Mobile Networks

By Kevin Fitchard, February 2016

Vivo was the fastest operator in Brazil in our October to January testing period, with an average LTE download speed of 15.3 Mbps.

Brazil, August 2015, State of Mobile Networks

By Kevin Fitchard, August 2015

América Móvil’s Claro outpaced its competitors in raw 4G bandwidth, delivering average speeds of 17.82 Mbps.