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Relatório de experiência em 5G, Brasil, Janeiro de 2023

By Robert Wyrzykowski, January 2023

A implementação da rede 5G na banda de 3,5 GHz em todas as cidades brasileiras tem agitado a tabela de prêmios no segundo Relatório sobre experiência com 5G no Brasil, uma vez que as operadoras registraram melhorias incríveis na sua pontuação de desempenho, atingindo todos os setores.

Experiência com redes móveis: Brasil, Janeiro de 2023

By Robert Wyrzykowski, January 2023

No relatório mais recente da Opensignal sobre a Experiência com redes móveis no Brasil, a Claro ganhou quatro prêmios sem dificuldades e empatou em primeiro lugar com outra operadora em oito das categorias disponíveis.

Brazil, January 2023, Mobile Network Experience

By Robert Wyrzykowski, January 2023

In Opensignal's latest Brazil Mobile Network Experience report, Claro wins four awards outright and two jointly out of eight awards available. TIM remains the sole holder of Availability and Core Consistent Quality.

Brazil, January 2023, 5G Experience

By Robert Wyrzykowski, January 2023

5G deployments in the 3.5 GHz band across Brazilian cities have shaken up the awards table in the second 5G Experience Report on Brazil, as operators recorded stunning improvements in their performance scores across the board. Vivo didn’t win any awards in the previous report, but this time it takes home three trophies, in both 5G speed categories and for 5G Video Experience. TIM pulls ahead of Claro in both coverage metrics — 5G Availability and 5G Reach — and wins them outright.

Oi users enjoyed better mobile network experience post-migration

By Robert Wyrzykowski, December 2022

Opensignal has analyzed the experience of our Oi users after they migrated to their new networks. We observed significant increases across speed, availability and experiential metrics for this group of users. Opensignal also looked at how the transfer of Oi subscribers impacted the experience of our users that subscribe to the other operators. While TIM and Vivo’s networks seemed unaffected, Claro users observed a slight dip in their average 4G Download Speed and LTE RSRQ values, indicating increased congestion.

Os usuários da Oi tiveram uma experiência melhor nas redes móveis após a migração

By Robert Wyrzykowski, December 2022

A Opensignal analisou a experiência de seus usuários da Oi depois que migraram para as novas redes, ainda sob um modelo de roaming. Observamos aumentos significativos na velocidade, disponibilidade e nas métricas experienciais para esse grupo de usuários. A Opensignal também analisou como a transferência de assinantes da Oi afetou a experiência de seus usuários, assinantes das outras operadoras.

New 5G spectrum massively boosts Brasília’s 5G experience

By Andrey Popov, October 2022

Opensignal evaluated the effect of 5G deployments in the 3.5 GHz spectrum range in improving the mobile user experience in Brasília's capital. Users saw an increase of nearly eight fold in 5G Download Speed and a doubling of 5G Upload Speed, compared to pre-deployment period.