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Opensignal illustrates the correlation between outage exposure and subscriber losses

By Micah Sachs, February 2024

States with greater AT&T outage impact suffered greater AT&T subscriber losses

Opensignal Introduces its Fully Integrated Opensignal Network Experience Suite (ONX)

By Marketing, February 2024

Complete Product Suite Helps Mobile Network Operators Align Their Entire Organization — from Executives to Engineers — to Optimize Their Networks for Commercial Success

Opensignal data shows the scale and progression of AT&T’s February outage

By Andrea Toth, Robert Wyrzykowski, February 2024

On Feb 22, 2024, a nationwide, multi-hour outage disrupted mobile services for AT&T network users. Opensignal continuously detected the extent and development of the outage shortly after it began

How reliable is your network when you need it?

By Andrea Toth, February 2024

A reliable network connection is the linchpin that ensures we stay connected, informed, and engaged, be it for professional reasons or personal pursuits. From work emails to web browsing, the uninterrupted flow of data is essential for the myriad of activities that define our daily routines.

Year In Review: Opensignal's Impact on Connectivity, Growth and Measurement

By Dave Isenberg, January 2024

Last year, I made a promise to myself – a commitment to find moments of gratitude and celebration, no matter what the year had in store for us. Today, I stand by that promise, especially as I look back on the profound global events that have taken place over the past 12 months.

Connecting Latin America: How real-world data drives real-world progress

By Ilaria Bencivenga, December 2023

Over the past few years, Latin America's connectivity landscape has undergone a significant transformation. Since 2021 4G technology has reigned supreme with over 410 million connections. Now, the region is poised for a monumental shift, as 4G adoption peaks in 2024 and a widespread transition towards 5G services begins.

Closing the gap: fixed broadband's role in global progress

By Andrea Toth, November 2023

In an era where global progress is increasingly reliant on digital connectivity, staying online is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.