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How reliable is your network when you need it?

Our lives are increasingly defined by virtual interactions and digital content consumption. Maintaining a seamless and dependable connection has surpassed mere convenience; it is an indispensable facet of our daily lives. While 5G (and the looming promise of 6G) grabs flashy headlines for gigabyte speeds, the unsung hero that ensures personal and professional lives roll on smoothly is a stable and reliable network.

A reliable network connection is the linchpin that ensures we stay connected, informed, and engaged, be it for professional reasons or personal pursuits. From work emails to web browsing, the uninterrupted flow of data is essential for the myriad of activities that define our daily routines.

Reliability: the digital backbone

Today Opensignal is introducing its latest user-centric measure: Reliability Experience, drawing on over 10 years of expertise in measuring and analyzing users’ network experience. For a network to be considered reliable, it needs to perform on two crucial levels: First, users must have the ability to connect, and second, they need to stay connected for the entire duration of a task – be it sending a work email or watching a video on social media. A connection is only as reliable as its ability to stay strong from start to finish.

Curious to see how your country stacks up in Reliability Experience worldwide? Check out our inaugural report, where we analyzed the reliability of networks as experienced by our mobile users across 40 markets.

We depend on mobile networks to complete even the most basic tasks. The reliability of your mobile network to perform those basic and critical functions isn't just a convenience – it's a requirement of the digital age.

Read the full report or have a look at the infographic for a quick overview.