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Italian mobile users experience lower 4G Availability in rural areas — but no evidence of a North/South divide

Posted on August 20, 2019

In the second quarter of 2019, our 4G users in Italy on average spent more than four-fifths of their time connected to 4G networks. And whether they were in the North-West or in the South, either in...

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Italian 4G smartphone users spend less time connected to 4G networks in rural areas

Download speeds are 73% faster in Manila than in Cebu and Davao

Posted on August 19, 2019

Users in Manila have a distinct mobile broadband speed advantage over their counterparts in other Filippino cities. In Opensignal's analysis of Download and Upload Speed Experience in five of the...

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Jakarta’s blackout had a nationwide impact on 3 and Indosat’s networks

Posted on August 13, 2019

Opensignal observed an impact on our Indonesian users’ experience following the massive electrical blackout which began just before midday on Sunday, August 4, local time. However, the resulting...

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August 4 blackout affected 4G Availability on all networks in Jakarta

Understanding Switzerland’s super fast 4G Download Speeds with operators’ use of spectrum

Posted on August 5, 2019

When it comes to great mobile network experience, Switzerland holds a strong position among the global leaders. In our recent national report we analyzed the network experience of the country’s three...

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Distribution of 4G cells by frequency bands in Switzerland_Salt_Swisscom_Sunrise

Competition intensifies as Singapore approaches 90% 4G Availability

Posted on July 26, 2019

In Opensignal’s analysis of 4G Availability in Singapore, our measurements have shown an upward trend in the past 12 months for all three national operators, but the greatest improvement was...

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Parts of rural Germany see less than 50% 4G Availability

Posted on July 17, 2019

In our recent analysis, we found that the average 4G Availability in rural Germany was 73.5% experienced by our users, compared with 82.2% in urban areas. In this follow-up insight, we analyzed the...

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Germany rural districts 4G Availability

State of Mobile USA: Quantifying the bar for 5G to beat

Posted: May 31, 2019

In the last year, the download speeds experienced by smartphone users in the US have improved little, rising from 17 Mbps to 21.3 Mbps between the first quarter of 2018 and the same period in 2019. There’s lots of room for improvement but only a new technology like 5G is likely to lead to a step-change improvement in the mobile network experience.


Operators’ spectrum use helps explain UK users’ 4G Download Speeds

Posted: May 14, 2019

In Opensignal’s latest U.K. national report we observed that users experienced widely different 4G Download Speeds on the four major mobile networks. EE led the group with a 4G Download Speed of 32.5 Mbps, more than 8 Mbps ahead of Vodafone (24.3 Mbps), 11 Mbps ahead of 3 (21.6 Mbps) and double the speed of O2 (15.8 Mbps). But why does users’ experience vary so much across the U.K.'s operators?


Latin American cities’ 4G Download Speeds vary significantly round-the-clock

Posted: May 13, 2019

Opensignal has analyzed 4G Download Speeds experienced by our users on smartphones across six of the largest cities in Latin America: Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City, Santiago, and São Paulo. We discovered that our users in São Paulo enjoyed the fastest speeds with an average 4G Download Speed score of 21.3 Mbps, marginally faster than Mexico City by 0.3 Mbps. Meanwhile, our users in Buenos Aires experienced the slowest speeds, with average 4G Download Speeds of 16.2 Mbps.

Java's cities are falling behind their provincial counterparts in Indonesian mobile broadband speeds

Posted: May 07, 2019

Java may be the political, population and economic center of Indonesia, but in mobile broadband speed, Java looks rather provincial, according to Opensignal's analysis of 44 of the largest cities in the country. In fact, to find the fastest download and upload speeds, you have to look to the far corners of Indonesia, to cities where you wouldn't expect to find the most advanced mobile networks.

One Brazilian host city is better prepared than others to stream the Copa América to mobile phones

Posted: May 02, 2019

Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã or São Paulo's Morumbi may be the premier stadiums for this year's Copa América, but when it comes to streaming the actual matches of Latin America's biggest football event to mobile phones, one host city has beaten both Rio and São Paulo — Porto Alegre. In our analysis of the five Brazilan cities hosting Copa América matches, we found that Porto Alegre scored highest in Opensignal's Video Experience metric.

South Africa’s smartphone users experience faster download speeds on mobile than Wifi

Posted: Apr 11, 2019

Opensignal analyzed the download speeds that South African users experience when they connect to mobile networks compared to Wifi, and found that cellular technology provided faster download speeds at all times of the day. Opensignal's data shows our smartphone users on average enjoy 14.8 Mbps in download speed when they access the internet using cellular networks — which we measured by looking at all 3G and 4G readings — but only 8.8 Mbps in download speed when connected to Wifi.