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4G Speeds in 12 Major Cities in East Asia

Seoul and Singapore top OpenSignal's list of East Asia's fastest 4G cities

By Kevin Fitchard, July 2018

In the last year, OpenSignal has ramped up its coverage in East Asia, introducing new State of Mobile Networks reports for Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

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Cambodia, February 2018, Mobile Networks Update

By Kevin Fitchard, February 2018

When Opensignal published its State of Mobile Networks: Cambodia report in August, we discovered a single operator, Cellcard, had established a formidable lead in 4G speed.

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Cambodia, August 2017, State of Mobile Networks

By Kevin Fitchard, August 2017

Cellcard easily topped our 4G speed rankings, averaging LTE download speeds of 19.7 Mbps.

Report Page | No | Cambodia | | Kevin Fitchard