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February 2023

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Robert Wyrzykowski
Senior Analyst

Key Findings

Norway tops global Live Video Experience

Our users in Norway have the best overall Live Video Experience in the world with a score of 55.3 points beating second-placed Netherlands by 1.2 points. Sweden and Denmark jointly take bronze with statistically tied scores of 53.6-53.7 points. European markets dominate the global top 20 list, with only three markets hailing from outside of Europe — South Korea (51.4 points), Taiwan (49.7 points) and Canada (49.6 points).

Indonesia has the highest 4G to 5G Live Video Experience uplift in the world

Indonesian users observe the biggest leap in their experience with 4G and 5G with an improvement of 32.7% for Live Video Experience. The Philippines comes second, with an uplift of 28.1% — followed by Peru (27.1%), South Africa (26.3%), and Malaysia (26%). 

Canada scores the highest across the Americas

Across the Americas, Canadians have the best Live Video Experience with a score of 49.6 points. Uruguay sees the best result in Central and South America with its 45.8 points. The U.S. scores significantly lower than Canada — 40.7 points, placing sixth in the region along with Argentina (40.8). Brazil lags behind northern Americans’ Live Video Experience with a score of 38.9 points, but Nicaraguans have the lowest experience with 32 points. 

South Korea leads for Live Video Experience in Asia Pacific

South Koreans have the best Live Video Experience in the Asia Pacific region, with a score of 51.4 points. Taiwan (49.7 points) is the runner- up — 1.6 points behind the leader. Singapore and Japan are in a statistical tie for third place in the region, with scores of 48.7-49.1 points. Papua New Guinea has the worst Live Video Experience across Asia Pacific with a score of 26.8 points. 

Turkey and Bahrain jointly come first in the Middle East and Africa

Turkey and Bahrain are the joint highest scorers, with statistically tied scores of 46.1-46.2 points. Tunisians enjoy the best Live Video Experience in North Africa with a score of 44.9 points, while South Africa and Kenya are in a statistical tie for the best Live Video Experience score among Sub- Saharan African markets (37.9-38.3 points), while Sudan (25 points) have the lowest score in that region. 

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