Understanding & measuring 5G

The promise of 5G to revolutionize the mobile industry started years before the first commercial networks even launched.

Download speeds measured in Gbps. Latencies reduced to single digit milliseconds. Bandwidths capable of serving an ever-growing mobile-first population. How much of the promise of 5G is reality now that the first commercial networks have begun rolling out?

Opensignal seeks to answer that question, using real-world 5G measurements from actual users to reality-check the hype.

We are tracking the 5G rollouts around the world and aim to be the single source of truth on the true 5G experience users receive as adoption grows in markets around the world. 

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Lower signal strength impacts the Swiss 5G experience

By Robert Wyrzykowski, May 2022

In our new analysis, Opensignal has observed that our smartphone users in Switzerland experienced worse signal strength when connected to 5G networks than users in neighboring countries — Germany, France and Italy. Also, we found a link between the quality of mobile signal strength and average 5G download speeds: the worse the signal strength, the slower the speeds.

Blog Entry | No | France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland | | Robert Wyrzykowski

Analyzing mobile experience at NHL arenas across Canada and the US

By Francesco Rizzato, April 2022

Opensignal data shows that users at NHL arenas in both Canada and the U.S. had a significantly better experience when connected to 5G compared to the overall experience of all users at those venues. But our data also shows that users’ experience varied depending on their choice of carrier.

Blog Entry | No | Canada, USA | | Francesco Rizzato

Analyzing how 5G has improved the mobile experience on Germany’s motorways

By Francesco Rizzato, April 2022

Opensignal analyzed our users’ mobile experience on Germany’s motorways and compared that against the average scores seen in the country. We found that 5G provided a significant boost to the mobile experience of our users on the motorways, and that experience was generally better there compared to the country average.

Blog Entry | No | Germany | | Francesco Rizzato

Quantifying the impact of C-band on 5G mobile experience in the US

By Francesco Rizzato, March 2022

Opensignal took its first look at the impact of AT&T and Verizon’s C-band launches on the 5G mobile experience as we analyzed the 5G speeds seen on the U.S. carriers when connected to mid-band 5G spectrum, using T-Mobile’s 5G experience on the 2.5 GHz band for comparison.

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Francesco Rizzato

Analyzing 5G mobile experience at Serie A stadiums in Italy

By Francesco Rizzato, March 2022

In this analysis of Italian sports venues, we have analyzed our users’ 5G mobile experience on the four national operators at and around the 17 stadiums that host the 20 Italian Serie A football teams.

Blog Entry | No | Italy | | Francesco Rizzato

Benchmarking the 5G Experience — Asia Pacific — March 2022

By Ian Fogg, March 2022

5G is the future of mobile services, although 4G remains in use everywhere, as do 3G and even 2G in some markets. Across Asia Pacific, operators are continuing to expand their 5G services. Here, we analyze how the 5G experience compares across the region.

Blog Entry | No | Australia, Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, Newzealand, Philippines, Singapore, Southkorea, Taiwan, Thailand | | Ian Fogg