Understanding & measuring 5G

The promise of 5G to revolutionize the mobile industry started years before the first commercial networks even launched.

Download speeds measured in Gbps. Latencies reduced to single digit milliseconds. Bandwidths capable of serving an ever-growing mobile-first population. How much of the promise of 5G is reality now that the first commercial networks have begun rolling out?

Opensignal seeks to answer that question, using real-world 5G measurements from actual users to reality-check the hype.

We are tracking the 5G rollouts around the world and aim to be the single source of truth on the true 5G experience users receive as adoption grows in markets around the world. 

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South Korea, June 2020, 5G User Experience

By Ian Fogg, June 2020

Award-winner SK Telecom is the first operator in South Korea to see its users enjoying an Excellent Video Experience with a score of 75.5 on a one hundred point scale.

Report Page | No | Southkorea | | Ian Fogg

Why Rakuten’s mobile experience is set to challenge Japan and the world

By Ian Fogg, June 2020

Rakuten is a new challenger operator in Japan that launched on April 8, competing with NTT DoCoMo, KDDI’s au and SoftBank. The company’s CTO, Tareq Amin, has marketed Rakuten’s network technology approach to the mobile industry worldwide. Unlike most existing networks, the company aims to make extensive use of virtualization and containerization throughout its network as well as embrace OpenRAN in its base stations.

Blog Entry | Yes | Japan | | Ian Fogg

Quantifying the global 5G experience across ten operators

By Ian Fogg, May 2020

In Opensignal’s latest 5G analysis we found all ten operators saw much faster speeds for their users on 5G compared with 4G, with speeds between 18.4 times and 1.7 times faster on 5G. Understanding the extent to which 5G improves the mobile experience is critical both for consumers considering upgrading to 5G and also for the mobile industry that’s planning how quickly to invest in 5G.

Blog Entry | No | Global, Australia, Southkorea, UK, USA | | Ian Fogg

5G download speed is now faster than Wifi in seven leading 5G countries

By Ian Fogg, May 2020

Opensignal’s latest analysis demonstrates that 5G greatly improves the real-world speeds that users experience. And, even more significantly, 5G offers faster average download speeds than Wifi in seven out of eight leading 5G countries.

Blog Entry | Yes | Australia, Saudiarabia, Southkorea, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA | | Ian Fogg

Analyzing AT&T’s spectrum usage to understand its 5G rollout plans

By Francesco Rizzato, March 2020

Opensignal is investigating how different U.S.

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Francesco Rizzato

How AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon differ in their early 5G approach

By Francesco Rizzato, Ian Fogg, February 2020

There’s lots of confusion around 5G, in part because each U.S. carrier has taken a different initial approach to 5G. In this new analysis, Opensignal tested 5G in downtown areas of U.S. cities to quantify these differences in the early 5G services from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. 

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Francesco Rizzato, Ian Fogg