Understanding & measuring 5G

The promise of 5G to revolutionize the mobile industry started years before the first commercial networks even launched.

Download speeds measured in Gbps. Latencies reduced to single digit milliseconds. Bandwidths capable of serving an ever-growing mobile-first population. How much of the promise of 5G is reality now that the first commercial networks have begun rolling out?

Opensignal seeks to answer that question, using real-world 5G measurements from actual users to reality-check the hype.

We are tracking the 5G rollouts around the world and aim to be the single source of truth on the true 5G experience users receive as adoption grows in markets around the world. 

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The European smartphone speed race: How Apple, OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung and Xiaomi compare

By Ian Fogg, July 2021

Across all brands we see that the overall speed for 5G devices is significantly higher compared with 4G smartphone models of the same brand.

Blog Entry | Yes | Global, Germany, Italy, UK | | Ian Fogg

Quantifying the mmWave 5G experience in the US — July update

By Francesco Rizzato, July 2021

Opensignal analyzed the U.S. mobile experience on mmWave 5G, a subset of 5G experience which is significantly different to other types of 5G services. We found the fastest average mmWave 5G download speed of 618.4 Mbps using Verizon.

Blog Entry | Yes | USA | | Francesco Rizzato

USA, July 2021, 5G User Experience

By Francesco Rizzato, July 2021

AT&T wins our third multiplayer mobile gaming experience award in the U.S.

Report Page | No | USA | | Francesco Rizzato

South Korea, June 2021, 5G User Experience

By Ian Fogg, June 2021

With a score of 77.6 on the 100 points scale, SK telecom users had the best mobile video streaming experience, ahead of KT on 76.5 and LG U+ on 74.4.

Report Page | No | Southkorea | | Ian Fogg

Taiwan, June 2021, 5G User Experience

By Ian Fogg, June 2021

In this report we see large increases in the 5G Download Speed experience by our users compared with the last 5G report in December on Taiwan's four major 5G operators. For the first time, we present several new Opensignal awards for 5G Games Experience, 5G Video Experience, 5G Voice App Experience and 5G Reach.

Report Page | No | Taiwan | | Ian Fogg


By Ian Fogg, June 2021


Report Page | No | Taiwan | | Ian Fogg