Understanding and Measuring 5G

Latest insights on 5G

The promise of 5G to revolutionize the mobile industry started years before the first commercial networks even launched. Download speeds measured in Gbps. Latencies reduced to single digit milliseconds. Bandwidths capable of serving an ever-growing mobile-first population. How much of the promise of 5G is reality now that the first commercial networks have begun rolling out?

Opensignal seeks to answer that question, using real-world 5G measurements from actual users to reality-check the hype. We are tracking the 5G rollouts around the world and aim to be the single source of truth on the true 5G experience users receive as adoption grows in markets around the world. 
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Test your 5G speed

Want to know the true download speed on your 5G network?  Download one of our apps to get a real-time measure of your speed.  When you share your measurements with us, you help us analyze exactly what everyday users experience on the network.  Our analysis is used across the industry to help improve mobile network connectivity.

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