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5G users now experience max download speeds over 1000 Mbps in 4 countries

Posted September 13th 2019 by Ian Fogg

by Ian Fogg, VP Analysis As more operators in more countries launch 5G services, Opensignal has again analyzed the maximum speed that our 5G smartphone users have experienced, updating our previous...

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Italian mobile users experience lower 4G Availability in rural areas — but no evidence of a North/South divide

Posted August 20th 2019 by Francesco Rizzato

Francesco Rizzato, Senior Technical AnalystIn the second quarter of 2019, our 4G users in Italy on average spent more than four-fifths of their time connected to 4G networks. And whether they were in...

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Italian 4G smartphone users spend less time connected to 4G networks in rural areas

5G boosts the maximum real-world download speed by up to 2.7 times 4G users’ top speeds

Posted July 8th 2019 by Ian Fogg

Ian Fogg, VP AnalysisIn Opensignal’s latest analysis of 5G, we've looked at the maximum real-world speeds seen in eight countries which have launched 5G services. The maximum download speeds...

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