Solutions for Mobile Network Operators

Opensignal’s Insights solutions deliver a deep understanding into the real-world experience of an operator’s customers. We offer a range of intuitive solutions to support different teams within the operator, assured by Opensignal’s data science for unprecedented accuracy.


Keeping ahead of the pack

Frequent insight updates allow senior executives to understand the changing competitive position across a range of network experience measures at a national and regional level. Being consistently on top of this ever-changing position enables timely reaction to:

  • Direct improvements at areas of weakness
  • Seize opportunities presented by relative strength
  • Focus sales/marketing campaigns around regional or technology advantages


Focusing to deliver

Those charged with directing an operator’s program of engineering and investment are catered for with a deeper level of understanding provided by solutions tailored for their needs. Headline measures are broken out into key components and can be analyzed across several dimensions such as time of day and content provider. This analysis allows rapid understanding of the key factors influencing the network experience. For example, clearly separating the impact of peak capabilities under optimum conditions from the experience delivered in high traffic areas at busy times.


Understanding progress

At the finest level of granularity, our solutions enable project teams to track changes in the network experience compared to competitors week by week. Previously a capability enjoyed only by engineering teams, our easy to use solutions unlock this power for all. Commercial teams can track the impact of their own marketing campaigns on customer experience, whilst also seeing the impact of competitors campaigns and activities.


Prioritize for business success

Opensignal’s metrics are the most accurate measures of real-world experience available, and the de facto independent standard used to understand network experience around the world. Using our insights to inform your strategy and focus and prioritize your actions ensures that those efforts will translate directly into improved customer satisfaction and retention as well as improved reputation.

To learn more about how the world’s most trusted insights into the truth of mobile experience can empower your business, get in touch with us today. 


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