Solutions for Analysts

Understanding mobile network experience is complex. Many factors interact to generate the overall experience of users. Different operators follow subtly different strategies with regard to the technology, market sectors and geographies that they target.

Opensignal’s Analytics Solutions reveal the detail behind the headlines and uncover not only why the top level results are as they are, but the challenges and opportunities that the operators face in the future. Equipped with these insights, analysts can better understand how operators are responding to market dynamics, the impact of their different investment strategies and the roll out of new technologies and how these investments will deliver shareholder value.

To learn more about how Opensignal’s solutions can give you data-driven insight into what’s happening in the telecoms market, at a global, regional or country level, get in touch with us today.


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Solutions for Mobile Network Operators

Our solutions for mobile network operators can be used to make business decisions that prioritize projects and investment targeted at improving customer experience and competitive position.

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Solutions for Telecoms Regulators

Regulators can benchmark regional and national experience against best in class internationally, to understand where to apply influence.

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