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Germany and the UK can't wait for 5G to improve the mobile network experience

Posted March 14th 2019 by Peter Boyland

There's been a fair bit in the press recently about the decline of Northwest Europe's traditional mobile powerhouses. In particular, leading business groups have singled out Germany and the U.K. as...

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Bristol - the UK's fastest city in 4G Download Experience

Posted March 7th 2019 by Peter Boyland

Bristol has always been a city of explorers. John Cabot and William Weston set sail from the city on their historic voyages to the New World, while the maritime port enjoys a certain ignominy as the...

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Can we ever hope to eliminate mobile notspots in London?

Posted July 19th 2018 by Peter Boyland

The Connected London initiative was launched in the U.K. capital this summer, an ambitious scheme which hopes to drive improvement through digital technology and data. Part of the plan includes...

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