All you need is love. And a great mobile experience.

Love is in the air, roses bombard personalized ads and a plump baby is going around creating heavenly matches. It could only be Valentine’s Day! Cue the abundance of red-themed advertising campaigns.

If you ever happen to ponder about the impact of mobile phones on romantic relationships, any online search will return you a mixed bag of literature. Some of it is good, highlighting how technology can facilitate closer connections. Some of it is… not so good, demonstrating mobile phones to be a disruptive influence that can even lead to infidelity and divorce.

Whichever angle is presented first, you can see that the common thread between the positive and negative aspects is communication. This is not a surprise as strong communication skills consistently show up on lists as one of the most important factors in establishing a successful and happy relationship.

The great thing that we’ll all be relieved to know is, when used wisely, it seems mobile phones can be an effective tool for facilitating these strong communication skills (!). Over the centuries, communication has expanded from handwritten letters and carrier pigeon to include email, social media and multiplayer game chats. Mobile phones have been a central player in a lot of these new methods of contact; they have enabled us to connect in many different ways including on a romantic level. To keep us connected, and so increase the number of opportunities for better communication, a good mobile experience is key. One could even argue that when you set about finding a life partner, this good mobile experience has become close to essential. With the numerous mobile dating apps taking a comfortable seat in modern love lives, it’s important from the very beginning.

It’s nice to be able to bond over a cute clip you’ve recorded of the neighbor’s cat but hard to do so if you’re experiencing a poor upload experience. Similarly, a diminished games experience could lead ‘Words With Friends’ to become ‘Words Without Friends’ if connections become less than ideal for gameplay. And how frustrating would WhatsApp become if you’re constantly contending with a poor voice app experience and multiple dropped calls? Hopefully, you’ll never find out.

Ultimately, be they hero or villain, mobile phones supported by a great mobile experience can be an effective communication tool that goes a long way in the romantic arena. And in that flawless video call.

As the globally recognized standard for understanding the true state of the world’s mobile networks, here at Opensignal we are doing all we can to improve mobile connectivity for all. Maybe we can create some romance along the way?

Happy Valentine’s Day!