Independence Charter

Opensignal is the independent global standard for analyzing consumers’ true experience on communications networks.

Our mission is to provide the truth in network experience. We believe greater transparency will encourage network improvements, help consumers choose an operator, boost competition and lead to better connectivity for everyone.

Our company, employees, analytics and analysis, industry reports and market data are completely independent, and abide by a clear set of principles.

  • Standard methodology: Opensignal applies a single, consistent methodology globally. We do not allow others to influence our methodology for a particular report.

  • Equal access without influence: Opensignal’s business model is to sell independent analytics and insights. Any company is able to subscribe to receive this analytics service, but becoming a customer grants no additional influence over Opensignal’s independent results, methodology, reports or analysis.

  • Reporting free of commercial influence: Opensignal will never charge a company to be included in our reports or analysis. Nor will Opensignal take payments to guarantee that a public report will favor a specific company or to record any other predetermined outcome.

  • Editorial independence: Opensignal retains editorial control of our reports and the analysis and opinions are always our own, based on the real world experience data we collect.

  • Independent reporting calendar: Opensignal’s public reporting schedule is independently set by our internal editorial team. We never change the timing of Opensignal public reports because of requests of any third party.

  • Independent Citation Policy: Mobile operators, analysts, regulators or other companies who wish to cite Opensignal reports can request written permission from Opensignal in advance and all requests will be treated equally. Opensignal only permits its reports to be cited “as is” and without alteration. Press and media are encouraged to cite Opensignal reports with appropriate attribution.

  • Collaboration clearly identified: Where Opensignal conducts collaborative analysis with other independent research analysis companies, academic institutions or other organizations, this collaboration will be clearly labeled in the resulting reports or presentation materials.

  • Independent ownership: Opensignal is not owned in part or in whole by any operator or network equipment vendor.

  • No conflict of interest: Opensignal will ensure any conflicts of interest which may emerge by its employees are resolved.

  • Company-wide acceptance: Opensignal’s leadership team, engineers, data scientists, analysts, sales professionals, marketers and all employees have all agreed and committed to comply with this charter.