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5G boosts the maximum real-world download speed by up to 2.7 times 4G users’ top speeds

Posted July 8th 2019 by Ian Fogg

In Opensignal’s latest analysis of 5G, we've looked at the maximum real-world speeds seen in eight countries which have launched 5G services. The maximum download speeds smartphone users see are much...

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5G smartphone users experience 111.8 Mbps average download speed

Posted June 20th 2019 by Ian Fogg

5G is here, but how fast is it? In the first country to see widespread 5G adoption, South Korea, Opensignal’s analytics reveals the average download speed of 5G smartphone owners is 111.8 Mbps or 48...

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What’s in store for mobile in 2019? Opensignal’s predictions for the coming year

Posted January 2nd 2019 by Ian Fogg

It’s been a pretty busy year here at Opensignal. And 2018 was an interesting time in the mobile world overall, with data abuse and increased regulation casting something of a shadow over some of the ...

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