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Philippines 4G Download Speeds twice as fast in the capital at congested times

Posted September 5th 2019 by Francesco Rizzato

Francesco Rizzato, Senior Technical AnalystOpensignal analyzed the fluctuations in 4G Download Speeds that our users in the Philippines experienced throughout the day across different regions. We...

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Philippines 4G Download Speed across the day, by region

Download speeds are 73% faster in Manila than in Cebu and Davao

Posted August 19th 2019 by Kevin Fitchard

Kevin Fitchard, Principal AnalystUsers in Manila have a distinct mobile broadband speed advantage over their counterparts in other Filippino cities. In Opensignal's analysis of Download and Upload...

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Philippines mobile Video Experience: a big gap between operators

Posted March 21st 2019 by Francesco Rizzato

Francesco Rizzato, Senior Technical AnalystOpensignal’s latest report on the Philippines has highlighted how Smart closed the 4G Availability gap with the other incumbent, Globe. Smart and Globe tied...

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4G Video Load Times by Operator in the Philippines