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Opensignal delivers unique insights that drive telecom operator success

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Opensignal is the leading global provider of independent insights into consumers' connectivity experiences and choice of carrier.

Our proprietary insights into mobile and broadband networks give operators the solutions they need to profitably compete and win, from executive level scorecards and public validation to pin-point level engineering analytics and consumer decision dynamics.

Our collection methods are proprietary and transparent, and enable operators to continually improve connectivity for all. The company is headquartered in the USA, with offices in the UK, Canada, Continental Europe, and Asia.

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Mobile Network Experience Report

Apr 2024

テイラー・スウィフト のエラス・ツアー・コンサート中、アジア太平洋地域のモバイル・ネットワークはレジリエント

Mar 2024

Employee Spotlight: Meet Leire, a devoted guitar player and Legal Counsel

Mobile Experience Awards
Apr 2024


Mobile Network Experience Report

Apr 2024

Mobile network experience at Japan’s main airports surpasses the national average

Broadband Experience Awards
Apr 2024


Fixed Broadband Experience

Apr 2024

Mobile networks in APAC were resilient during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concerts

Apr 2024

Will 5G Advanced deliver on the 5G promise?

Apr 2024

5G speeds and 5G Availability increase across the Brazilian regions

Unrivalled insights
Driving smarter customer-centric decisions

Our insights reveal the competitive reality to operators, regulators and analysts, to direct decisions and investments to maximize results and improve connectivity for users.

They unlock a clear view of network and market strengths, opportunities and priorities for improvement at local, regional and national level.

Opensignal’s solutions take a holistic approach to enabling network operators to improve both their network experience and commercial performance.
Regulators around the world use our insights when working with the industry to create an environment that maximizes the quality of service provided to citizens and businesses within their territory.
Understanding network experience and market dynamics is complex. Analysts use our solutions to understand the strategies operators pursue with regard to the technology, market sectors and geographies.
Consumers rely on Opensignal’s apps to help them understand how their mobile services perform. In exchange for this insight, consumers agree to allow us to capture insights through research campaigns that consumers opt into.

We report as accurately as possible the real-world mobile experience as recorded by mobile network users.

Learn how Opensignal measures mobile network experience.

We are proudly independent. Being the trusted source of truth on network experience is our core business, we don’t offer other services to operators. Commercial relationships never influence our reporting.

Download the Opensignal app

Download the Opensignal app

1st March 2024

The Opensignal app helps you accurately measure the everyday experience you receive on your mobile network. No estimates, predictions or best case scenarios. Opensignal informs you about your true speed and video experience – what you are likely to experience when normally using your phone.