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ONX helps you understand the real-world experiences your customers have with your network

The Opensignal Network Experience Suite (ONX)

ONX provides the technical & competitive experience insights that help you identify where and how to invest in your network to deliver the greatest impact to your business.

Identify: Where does your network rank vs. competitors across key experience metrics?
Analyze: What are the network dynamics behind your rankings—and what actions should you prioritize to drive the most commercial impact?
Act: What are the specific Core and RAN health metrics that will help your team pinpoint and solve high-priority network experience issues?
Integrate: Amplify Opensignal’s insights by pulling our data directly into the systems you already use.


A Comprehensive Look at Your Network Experience

Track how you stack up to the competition

Compare your customers’ experience to the competition

Executive-level dashboards that show where your network wins and where it needs to improve across key network experience metrics.


  • Quickly identify areas of risk & opportunity—by both connection type and geography—to initiate smarter, more efficient network investments
  • Monitor near-real-time changes in your experience rankings to understand where you’ll stand in Opensignal’s next round of reports

Benchmark and recommend actions locally and nationally

Prioritize actions that drive network & commercial impact

In-depth insights for benchmarking teams into the network dynamics that feed the rankings found in ONX Spotlight, from packet loss trends to geohash-level coverage data.


  • Flag high-priority issues to the appropriate technical teams (Core vs. RAN) to improve user experience
  • Monitor key market trends, such as competitors’ 5G rollouts

Triage the fixes to your network to where you need them most

Pinpoint the issues that impact Core and RAN network health

Point-level data allows network engineers to identify, diagnose, and solve the Core and RAN health issues that impact their users’ network experience.


  • Identify coverage holes or spectrum issues that are leading to declining availability
  • Analyze cell sites to understand how and where congestion results in poor performance so you can optimize network parameters
  • Identify core routing and policy issues including under-performing CDN endpoints


ONX Data gives you access to the network data we collect to determine your customers’ experience.

Unlock the power of Opensignal’s test-level data to create additional custom use cases and analytics.


  • Combine, integrate, and investigate rich test-level dataset within your own data and tech stack
  • Query terabytes of test-level data in a matter of minutes
ONX From Opensignal
Insights for CTOs and tower engineers
ONX provides clear insight into user- and network-centric experience, fully integrated to provide a single source for both high-level executive insights and detailed, actionable engineering analytics.
Connected data
We leverage one data set across all products, enabling teams to proactively work together with the same information.
Real-world, everyday network experience
Opensignal’s methodology represents actual mobile network experiences, tested from device to content in the same way a subscriber uses the network. Those experiences are represented through a range of metrics that capture the activities subscribers care about the most.
Established history of data excellence
Across our business, Opensignal has captured network and subscriber behavior data for over 10 years. Our proprietary insights have helped operators worldwide profitably improve their networks and efficiently grow their businesses.
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