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Be Yourself from Day One

Joining a new company should be an exhilarating experience. Whether you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned professional, transitioning into a new work environment offers a chance for growth, development, and fresh perspectives. But the novelty of a new setting, new people, and new challenges can also be a little bit frightening at times. We’ve all been there, and we want to make sure every Opensignaler feels welcome from day one.

Be yourself and who you aspire to be.

We believe that a sense of belonging right from the start is essential for a smooth transition and long-term success and are committed to ensuring that you feel supported, valued, and ready to embark on a fulfilling journey with us. From comprehensive onboarding and giving you a learning budget on Day 1, through to formal and informal check-ins to help us help you personalize your growth, we strive to ensure that you feel at home as soon as you join.

Interested in hearing about the experiences of our team members first hand? Here’s what some of our Opensignalers had to say about their first few weeks.

“My first day was great, I was able to get set up and online quickly and was able to jump right from the instructions sent via personal email and into my new work email to find further guidance on how to get set up and comfortable. A warm welcome from my manager and a few other team members meant a lot when getting started.” 

Walker Schmidt, Senior Data Developer 


“The culture in Opensignal is very collaborative, and for me as a newcomer, the ability to ask a lot of questions, including silly ones, is a total relief!” 

Thomasina Lee, Full Stack Developer



“Despite working remotely most of the time, I definitely feel connected to the business. The use of collaborative tools and regular check-ins have ensured that I feel part of the team and engaged with the company's goals.” 

Shira Heipert, Market Research Analyst



“My team has been really welcoming. They really went out of their way to help me ramp up and are happy to share their time and make sure that I feel supported while I'm learning about a new industry. I really think the culture at Opensignal emphasizes caring about the individual first and does things like summer Fridays where we get to take advantage of the nice weather and do things to take care of ourselves.” 

TT Fletcher, Senior Market Research Analyst


“The culture at Opensignal is truly unique. One of the aspects I enjoy and appreciate the most is getting to meet people from all around the globe. There are only 8 members in my team, and we are from 5 different countries!” 

Arith Hewathenna, Market Insights Manager