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Indonesia, Fixed Broadband Experience, June 2023

In Opensignal's latest analysis of the fixed broadband experience in Indonesia, we have analyzed real-world data from our users across Java and five of Indonesia's major cities, examining four key measures of the broadband user experience: Broadband Download Speed, Peak Download Speed, Upload Speed and Video Experience. We have only included the largest fixed broadband providers by market share in each city — those that serve at least five percent of our user base. And for Java, we consider the providers with over 5% market share across most of the cities included in this analysis. We focussed our analysis on Java due to its larger urban population, greater fixed broadband penetration and a wider range of providers compared to other regions in Indonesia.

​​Broadband subscription plan characteristics — for example, speed tiers or data caps — vary greatly by provider and the dispersion of the plan mix will affect the average experience result. Opensignal’s measurements capture users’ experience, regardless of the plan that they have purchased from their provider. This report analyzes the end-to-end real-world situation across all users’ plans which includes transport over a provider’s core network and connectivity onto the sites and content delivery networks that host popular services, apps and websites.


Key Findings:

  • Biznet is the top for Broadband Download Speed in Java alongside First Media. In addition, Biznet outpaces the competition across multiple cities, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Bekasi, by large margins, with average download speeds ranging from 28.1Mbps to 37Mbps. 
  • Our Biznet users observe the fastest peak broadband download speeds in Surabaya, Bandung, and Bekasi. They see peak speeds above 100Mbps in Surabaya and Bekasi and also in Jakarta, where Biznet statistically ties with First Media for first place for Broadband Peak Download Speed.
  • Biznet also stands out in terms of Broadband Upload Speed, with users observing the fastest average upload speeds in Java, as well as in the cities of Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Bekasi.
  • First Media keeps pace with Biznet, sharing the top spot in Broadband Download speed in Java. It places second for this metric when looking at city-specific results in Jakarta and Surabaya and in Bekasi alongside First Media users also observe the second-best Broadband Peak Download Speed in Java, and in Jakarta, it ties for the top spot with Biznet.
  • In terms of Broadband Video Experience, First Media users enjoy the best Broadband Video Experience in Java, where all four providers achieve a Good (58-68) rating. First Media, My Republic, and Biznet share the top position for Broadband Video Experience in Surabaya. XL users enjoy the best Broadband Video Experience in Bekasi, while our IndiHome, My Republic and MNC Play users observe the best experience in Medan.

Broadband Experience in Java

Biznet and First Media are top for Broadband Download Speed in Java, surpassing their competition by a significant margin. Users of both providers experience statistically equivalent average download speeds of 26.1-26.9Mbps. Notably, these speeds are 25.9-29.7% faster than My Republic and 40.5-44.7% faster than IndiHome.

Biznet's Broadband Peak Download Speed of 100Mbps outperforms First Media and My Republic by 7.4% and 20.9%, respectively. The disparity becomes even more pronounced when comparing Biznet to IndiHome, with Biznet users experiencing Peak Download Speeds that are 1.9 times faster. Moreover, Biznet excels in Broadband Upload Speed, with our Biznet users seeing average speeds that are 33.5% faster than those seen by My Republic users and 2.6-2.8 times faster than First Media and IndiHome.       
Our First Media users enjoy the best available experience when streaming video over fixed broadband in Java. With a Broadband Video Experience score of 66.9 (on a 100-point scale), First Media outperforms My Republic and Biznet by 1.5-2.8 points, while IndiHome trails with 60.9 points. All four providers earn a Good (58-68) rating — meaning users, on average, are able to stream video at 720p or better with satisfactory loading times and little stalling.


Broadband Experience in major Indonesian cities    


Biznet dominates the competition in Jakarta's broadband experience, with the highest or tied-for-highest scores across all four metrics.

Opensignal users in Jakarta enjoy the fastest Broadband Download Speed on Biznet, with its average download speeds clocking in at 34.4Mbps — 22.7% faster than First Media, 39.9-46.8% faster than My Republic and, which statistically tie for third place — and 48.2% faster than IndiHome.

Biznet also leads in Broadband Upload Speed with a score of 26.1Mbps, outpacing My Republic and by around 10.3Mbps, given their statistically tied scores of 15.5-16Mbps. The difference between the experience of Biznet users and other providers is even starker, as average upload speeds on Biznet are 3.1 to 3.4 times faster than those seen on IndiHome and First Media.

Biznet and First Media are top for Broadband Peak Download Speed. Both providers are deadlocked, achieving statistically tied scores of 119.3-134.8Mbps. My Republic and follow in joint third place tied scores of 97.2-105.3Mbps, while IndiHome comes last with 72.4Mbps.


Biznet stands out as the clear leader in broadband speeds in Surabaya, outpacing the competition on Broadband Download Speed, Broadband Peak Download Speed and Broadband Upload Speed.

Biznet scores 101.2Mbps on average for Broadband Peak Download Speed — 32.7-39.5% faster than the speeds seen by First Media and My Republic users, and 2.2 times faster than MNC Play.       

Our Biznet users’ average broadband download speeds (30.6Mbps) are 23.7-97.3% faster than those seen by users on other providers. Furthermore, Biznet leads in Broadband Upload Speed by a larger margin in percentage terms; the average upload speeds of Biznet users are 36.5% faster than second-placed My Republic and 3.7 times faster than last-placed First Media.

First Media, My Republic and Biznet share the top position in Broadband Video Experience in Surabaya, with statistically equivalent scores ranging from 66.1-68.4 points.


Biznet users enjoy the fastest Broadband Download Speed in Bandung, averaging 28.1Mbps — 22.3% faster than our IndiHome users, 60% faster than MNC Play users and notably 2.1 times faster than their Megavision counterparts.

Biznet has the highest Broadband Peak Download Speed score in Bandung, with our users experiencing speeds of 95.9Mbps. Biznet's score is 26.7Mbps higher than second-placed IndiHome’s 69.1Mbps and 2.1 times faster than MNC Play’s and Megavision’s statistically tied scores of 45.3-46Mbps.

Biznet reigns supreme on Broadband Upload Speed with a score of 16.3Mbps — 31.5% faster than MNC Play. The average upload speeds seen on Biznet are 2.2-2.3 times faster than Megavision and IndiHome, which statistically tie for last place.

Biznet and MNC Play place in the Very Good (68-78) category for Broadband Video Experience, with statistically tied scores of 68.4-71 points on a 100-point scale. Meanwhile, IndiHome and Megavision tie for the last place with identical scores of 65.3 points, placing the video streaming experience of users in the Good (58-68) category.


Our XL users enjoy the best Broadband Video Experience in Bekasi relative to the competition. XL is in first place for Broadband Video Experience with a score of 72.5 (on a 100-point scale), which garners a Very Good (68-78) rating.

Users on Biznet experience the highest average Broadband Peak Download Speed of 125.2Mbps in Bekasi.

Biznet is top for Broadband Download Speed due to its score of 37Mbps, giving it a lead of 42.4-54.6% over First Media and, which statistically tie for second place with scores of 23.9-26Mbps. Meanwhile, CBN brings up the rear with a score of 15.1Mbps.

Biznet has the edge in Broadband Upload Speed, as users are able to experience average upload speeds that are 61-85% faster than and XL’s statistically tied scores of 15.2-17.5Mbps and 4.1 times faster than last-placed First Media.     



When we look at one of the major cities outside Java, the broadband experience of our users in Medan reveals a two-horse race between IndiHome and My Republic.        

Indihome is ahead of the competition for Broadband Download Speed, with users seeing an average speed of 24.3Mbps. My Republic and CBN share second place, with statistically tied speeds of 17.5-18.1Mbps. Meanwhile, MNC Play trails behind with 14.4Mbps.

For Broadband Peak Download Speed, CBN and My Republic share the top spot with statistically tied speeds in the 64.4-67.1Mbps range — around 11.7Mbps (21.6%) faster than IndiHome and 1.9-2 times as fast as MNC Play.

For Broadband Upload Speed, My Republic leads outright, with users observing an average upload speed of 14.1Mbps — 3.4-4.4Mbps faster than statistically tied MNC Play and CBN, and 7.2Mbps faster than Indihome.       

The typical Broadband Video Experience in Medan rates as Good (58-68), with our IndiHome, My Republic and MNC Play users enjoying the best available Broadband Video Experience in the city.


Methodology and definitions

Broadband Video Experience

Opensignal’s adaptive video experience quantifies the quality of video streamed to mobile devices by measuring real-world video streams over an operator's network. The metric measures users’ adaptive video experience using a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) approach inspired by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) studies which have derived a relationship between technical parameters of adaptive bitrate video streaming and the perceived video experience as reported by real people.

The videos tested are streamed directly from the world’s largest video content providers and include a wide selection of resolutions that dynamically match the network conditions, available bandwidth and device performance. Resolutions range from 144p to 2160p, which is also called 4K or UHD (Ultra High Definition). The model calculates a MOS score on a 0 to 100 scale by evaluating a number of parameters, including: the time to start playing the video, the quality of the video, the time playing each resolution, and the time spent re-buffering.

Broadband Download Speed

Measured in Mbps, Broadband Download Speed represents the typical everyday speeds a user experiences across a provider’s network.

Broadband Peak Download Speed

Measured in Mbps, Broadband Peak Download Speed represents the 98th percentile of the user speed distribution. i.e. this is what the users with the highest speeds within the footprint experience.

Broadband Upload Speed

Measured in Mbps, Broadband Upload Speed measures the average upload speeds for each internet service provider observed by our users across their fixed networks. Typically, upload speeds are slower than download speeds, but this often depends on the technology used for broadband connections.