The State of Mobile Voice App Experience

October 2019

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Real-world experience
Scientific analysis
Peter Boyland
Senior Analyst
Hardik Khatri
Technical Analyst

Key Findings

Voice apps are changing the way we communicate.

The insatiable growth in smartphone use along with the increasing ubiquity of data connections means that apps such as WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger are offering an entirely new platform for users to talk to each other.

Europe dominates Opensignal’s new measure of mobile Voice App Experience.

Of the 19 countries who achieved a Good rating (80 to 87), only six were from outside Europe. And all of these six were relatively highly developed Asian markets, including Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

It is difficult to have a decent Voice App Experience using 3G networks — but it's not impossible.

Nine countries had a difference of less than 5 points between their 3G and 4G Voice App Experience scores, with all ranking Acceptable for 3G. And many of these were highly mature markets, including Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland — an indicator of what the mobile network experience will be in the future for markets where 4G Availability is rising and is replacing 3G.

3G-only Voice App Experience scores were much lower than 4G scores in every country.

Over a third of the countries we analyzed ranked as Good or above for 4G Voice App Experience — over 50% more countries than rated Good for overall Voice App Experience. But most of these countries gained Acceptable 3G ratings. At the other end of the table, all the countries that ranked Poor or below for 4G Voice App Experience rated Very Poor or lower for 3G.

There is a clear voice experience divide between mature markets and developing countries.

Nearly two-thirds of Latin American countries, along with the vast majority of African and Middle Eastern markets, rated Poor or below. But all the European markets we analyzed, along with the U.S. and Canada, ranked as Acceptable or above for Voice App Experience.

In over two-thirds of the countries we analyzed users experienced a ranking of Poor or below in 3G Voice App Experience.

This highlights the importance of 4G Availability to enjoying a decent Voice App Experience.

There were a few interesting anomalies to the 3G/4G pattern.

Indonesian users were the only ones to experience a Poor rating on both network types, while Hong Kong's users had the closest Voice App Experience, with just 1.4 points separating the 3G and 4G scores.

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