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Understanding the US smartphone Mobile Network Experience

By Ian Fogg, September 2019

The type of smartphone model affects the quality of mobile network experience that users receive. Newer models, and those with higher LTE Category support more of the mobile carriers’ network features, which is likely to enable higher download speeds.

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Ian Fogg

USA, July 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Kevin Fitchard, July 2019

It's still early days for 5G in the U.S., but the groundwork is being laid, and we see plenty of evidence of that planning in our metrics.

Report Page | No | USA | | Kevin Fitchard

5G boosts the maximum real-world download speed by up to 2.7 times 4G users’ top speeds

By Ian Fogg, July 2019

In Opensignal’s latest analysis of 5G, we've looked at the maximum real-world speeds seen in eight countries which have launched 5G services.

Blog Entry | No | Global, Australia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA | | Ian Fogg

Top US summer vacation spots for a great mobile experience

By Kevin Fitchard, June 2019

As the summer months get into full swing, families across the U.S. are planning their balmy-weather vacations.

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Kevin Fitchard

State of Mobile USA: Quantifying the bar for 5G to beat

By Ian Fogg, May 2019

In the last year, the download speeds experienced by smartphone users in the US have improved little, rising from 17 Mbps to 21.3 Mbps between the first quarter of 2018 and the same period in 2019.

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Ian Fogg

Apple and Disney’s video launches will highlight the limitations in U.S. mobile Video Experience

By Kevin Fitchard, March 2019

Apple is expected to launch its own video streaming service soon, showing just how important video has become to nearly every facet of the tech and media industries.

Blog Entry | No | USA | | Kevin Fitchard