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Distribution of 4G Download Speed Experience, by UK operator

Operators’ spectrum use helps explain UK users’ 4G Download Speeds

By Francesco Rizzato, May 2019

In Opensignal’s latest U.K. national report we observed that users experienced widely different 4G Download Speeds on the four major mobile networks.

Blog Entry | No | UK | | Francesco Rizzato

UK, April 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Peter Boyland, April 2019

EE swept the board in our analysis, winning all five national award categories.

Report Page | No | UK | | Peter Boyland

Germany and the UK can't wait for 5G to improve the mobile network experience

By Peter Boyland, March 2019

There's been a fair bit in the press recently about the decline of Northwest Europe's traditional mobile powerhouses.

Blog Entry | No | Germany, UK | | Peter Boyland

Bristol - the UK's fastest city in 4G Download Experience

By Peter Boyland, March 2019

Bristol has always been a city of explorers.

Blog Entry | No | UK | | Peter Boyland

Amsterdam tops Europe's rugby cities for 4G video loading

By Peter Boyland, January 2019

This month sees the start of the 6 Nations rugby championship — one of the oldest competitions in the sport featuring the cream of European rugby union.

Blog Entry | No | Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK | | Peter Boyland

Multiple operators across the globe hit simultaneously by Ericsson network outage

By Francesco Rizzato, December 2018

OpenSignal has identified that December 6th’s mobile network outage hit multiple operators at the same time across the globe.

Blog Entry | No | Japan, UK, Vietnam | | Francesco Rizzato