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Qatar, November 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By David Nedescu, November 2019

Our second report on Qatar’s mobile market shows just how dynamic and rapidly changing the telecoms industry can be, with Ooredoo now claiming 5 of our 6 awards, from being behind in most of them just six months ago.

Report Page | No | Qatar | | David Nedescu

The winner of the Opensignal Copa América hails from outside South America

By Kevin Fitchard, June 2019

In the 103-year history of the Copa América, no team outside of CONMEBOL has won South America's most prestigious national football tournament, despite the fact that squads from other federations have been participating in the competition since the 1990s.

Blog Entry | No | Global, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Japan, Peru, Qatar, Uruguay | | Kevin Fitchard

Qatar, May 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Hardik Khatri, May 2019

Vodafone took a good lead over Ooredoo and won our Latency Experience award with a score of 32.6 milliseconds.

Report Page | No | Qatar | | Hardik Khatri