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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

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Quantifying the Impact of 5G and COVID-19 on Mobile Data Consumption

By Francesco Rizzato, Ian Fogg, June 2021

Opensignal has analyzed data consumption in 20 leading 5G markets and discovered the extent to which 5G users are consuming more data than their 4G peers. We have also analyzed overall data consumption in 65 markets.

The State of Group Video Calling Experience – North and Latin America

By Robert Wyrzykowski, June 2021

Opensignal measured country scores for 19 countries and territories in our first Group Video Calling Experience analysis in North America and Latin America. Our users across the Americas experience the best quality of group video calling over mobile networks in Argentina and Uruguay

Benchmarking the Global 5G Experience – April 2021

By Ian Fogg, April 2021

Cities have a significantly better 5G experience than the national 5G results. For example, users in the city of Jeonju in South Korea have a 5G Download Speed of 415.6 Mbps which is 15% faster than South Korea's overall result.

Mexico, April 2021, Mobile Network Experience

By Robert Wyrzykowski, April 2021

In our latest report on Mexico, Telcel again dominates the awards with five outright wins across the awards that it won back in October 2020. This time, however, AT&T managed to snatch the Voice App Experience award away from Telcel.

Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2021

By Sam Fenwick, March 2021

Last year, to celebrate Opensignal’s 10th anniversary, we ranked the world's operators using our leading measures of the real-world mobile network experience. It was so well received that we’ve chosen to publish the awards again.

Analyzing mobile data consumption and experience during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Francesco Rizzato, October 2020

Opensignal quantified our smartphone users’ average mobile data consumption and compared it against our users’ average Download Speed Experience across a number of countries since the early months of the year. Our data shows that short-term variations in average mobile data consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic correlated with variations in our users’ average Download Speed Experience across multiple countries

Mexico, October 2020, Mobile Network Experience

By Sam Fenwick, Sue Marek, October 2020

Telcel continues to win on Voice App Experience, but scores fall across the board; AT&T nibbles away at Telcel’s lead on Upload Speed Experience.