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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

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The impact of 5G on the Malaysian mobile experience

By Rupert Bapty, September 2023

In this report we analyze how 5G has impacted the mobile experience in Malaysia, and to see how it has evolved since the first five national operators joined.

More spectrum leads to faster speeds and better video streaming in Asia Pacific

By Robert Wyrzykowski, August 2023

Opensignal data shows that APAC users observe twice or even thrice as fast 4G download speeds and around 50% faster 5G download speeds when there are large amounts of spectrum bandwidth connected compared with low amounts. Video streaming services also benefit from increased spectrum bandwidth — however, the difference is more marked on 4G than 5G.

Benchmarking the Global 5G Experience — June 2023

By Ian Fogg, June 2023

The 5G experience continues to evolve. More markets are launching 5G. More spectrum is becoming available and that additional spectrum is boosting capacity and improving users’ experience with faster speeds, and a better video and gaming experience. In this latest global 5G benchmark, Opensignal quantifies how the real-world 5G experience compares.

Poor connectivity damages the mobile app business

By Ian Fogg, May 2023

With poor mobile connectivity, users spend 20% less time in each app session while with poor Wi-Fi it’s an even greater 38% less time. After seven days, app retention rates are 49% lower for users that have seen consistently poor connectivity.

Malaysia, March 2023, Mobile Network Experience

By Rupert Bapty, March 2023

Our Malaysian users see a massive uplift in average download speed when connected to 5G and experience the fastest overall speeds on Celcom's network.

How Ramadan affects mobile network experience

By Rupert Bapty, March 2023

In this Opensignal analysis we look at how the change in behavior during the month of Ramadan affects the mobile experience in five countries with large Muslim populations. In Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we see reduced download speeds in the early morning during the month of Ramadan, showing that users change their routines around this holy month.

How Malaysian operators can leverage their local strengths in mobile experience to improve their user shares

By Hardik Khatri, March 2023

In this new analysis, Opensignal analytics demonstrates there is a strong correlation between the quality of users’ mobile experience and East, South and Southeast operators’ market shares. However, there are differences between operators’ local market share and their national position.