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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

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The Live Video Experience in Mobile Sports, News and Game Streaming

By Robert Wyrzykowski, February 2023

In an industry first, Opensignal examines the Live Video Experience of mobile users across more than 100 global markets.

Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2023

By Sam Fenwick, February 2023

In the fourth Global Mobile Network Experience Awards report, Opensignal once again directly compares operators from around the world to recognize those on which our users had the best mobile experience. We have added two more measures of the mobile experience: Excellent Consistent Quality and Core Consistent Quality.

Quantifying the satellite smartphone opportunity in Japan

By Ian Fogg, January 2023

With the iPhone 14 launch smartphone satellite connectivity has now arrived in some global markets, and will likely arrive soon in others, like Japan. But the extent of the opportunity for services beyond emergency communications, such as two way messaging and regular Internet connectivity, is uncertain.

Japan, October 2022, Mobile Network Experience

By Ian Fogg, October 2022

In this latest report on the mobile network experience in Japan we see a number of changes in the position of the operators. Together, these results indicate a competitive Japanese market where it is important to consider multiple different ways to correctly measure the mobile experience.